10 March 2011

Beauty Inspiration: {the crop}

Just as i thought the crop hair style had hit its peak with Rihanna sporting this look throughout 2010 and into 2011 alongside many others that have busted a 'crop' trend such as Victoria Beckham and Frankie Sandford, Kate Winslet of all people debuts a blonde (great shade!) crop on aprils cover of Vogue. She looks amazing and is definitely making a statement with her new image. She looks super confident and this new style reflects new beginnings and change. This look is highly popular in street style fashion and i went for this style in december 2010, i had been growing my hair for a while since i had it cut short for a hair modelling show in 2007 and was growing it ever since...until, i decided i wanted a new start for 2011 and opted for the short 'crop' style hair cut, which i am still loving!

                                                                                     image via: vogue uk, april

                                                                                         image via: vogue uk, april

Kate Winslet isn't one for trend setting but next time i go for a re-cut i might just ask for a 'Winslet' please. 

Rihanna rockin' the red...

                                                        image via: hairstyles

                                                       image via: hairstyles
My 'crop' look...

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