4 December 2012

Pierre Hermé Paris ~ {les jardins}

Pierre Hermé has a fabulous macaron collection, delicately crafted and fragrantly appealing, named "Les Jardins". This beautiful collection is exquisitely stunning.

{images via: Pierre Hermé}

Pirelli Calendar 2013: {steve mccurry}

The first clothed Pirelli Calendar shot by the legendary war photographer Steve McCurry, also famous for his worldwide recognised photograph of “the Afghan Girl” has made quite an impression. Set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the photographs evoke such passion and charisma of the city and greatly portray the classical beauty women possess. Including lifestyle shots and the stunning Adriana Lima whilst pregnant, McCurry has really excelled in bringing his photographs to life.

McCurry said he wanted to "portray women who are sexy without being naked."

Highly cultural, the 2013 Pirelli Calendar poetically embraces life as it is. The glamorous element associated with the calendar has been stripped down to portray pure natural beauty. Another great element behind next year’s calendar is the charitable and humanitarian work which it hopes to highlight.

"I tried to portray Brazil, its landscape, its economy and its culture, along with the human element," said Steve McCurry.

{images via: nationaltraveller}

28 November 2012

Colour Inspiration: {pots of paint}

When it comes to choosing paint, my personal favourites are eco friendly paints which lack the dangerous VOC emissions contained in ordinary paint brands. Pots of Paint contain 100% natural ingredients such as such as beeswax, milk casein and linseed oil.

“Brain-child of Edward Bulmer, high-profile Architectural Historian and advocate of green living, the Pots of Paint colour range was inspired by his restoration work in historic houses. The walls of this kitchen, painted in ‘Laylock’, demonstrate perfectly the versatility of Bulmer’s paints, coupling elegant, traditional paint with a clean, modern setting. The dusky, powdery tones of the paint are the perfect foil for the classic cool of the kitchen design.

"The revival of natural colour."

Pots of Paint have created a range of 50 colours using natural plant and mineral pigments.

{images via: Pots of Paint}


23 November 2012

One Fine Stay: {lovely london}

Ok, so the ‘summer’ in Great Britain was probably the rainiest ever. But what with everything going on- the Jubilee, the Olympics, the Paralympics and tons of other great events - who really cared anyway? It was a brilliant summer, regardless of the weather. And now that the hordes of spectators have left town there is a little more breathing space to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city again. And, what with autumn in full force, there is nothing better than taking a stroll through one of the many parks the city has to offer. Or perhaps go for a shopping spree along Oxford Street, do a little sightseeing, or maybe even see a concert. For visitors to the city, things can also become a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to one of the most important choices; selecting the right hotel.

To mix it up even more you’ve got onefinestay now, London’s first ‘unhotel’. The idea behind the idea is that you stay in somebody else’s place while they are out of town, while still be able to enjoy the perks of a five star hotel. Apart from the fluffy towels and fresh linens, you are also given an iPhone to use during your stay. Want to feel like a real Londoner? Then the iPhone is filled up with recommendations from the home owners about things to do in the area, from- the cosy coffee shops and the tiny vintage store around the corner, to the fancy Italian restaurant with the best pasta in town. As such, onefinestay offers a boutique alternative to the usual 
hum-drum of a hotel.

The company is based in London, but has a newly opened office in New York as well. The apartments vary widely, from quirky one-bedroom flats to large mansions with impressive chandeliers. However, there is one thing they all have in common: when you stay there, you get the chance to live like a real local...

Albert Terrace - a beautiful house situated in North London.

Queen’s Gate Mews- You want to walk the same floor that Madonna used for Yoga? Well, go right ahead.


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