29 February 2012

Interior Inspiration: {amanjena - amanresorts}

This has to be one of the most beautiful hotel interiors I have seen. Set in Marrakech, Morocco, the Amanjena resort provides a unique but cultural experience. It is elegantly designed and gracefully tranquil.

"A tranquil retreat, Amanjena reflects the region’s Moorish heritage in every graceful arch, stone courtyard and rose petal-strewn fountain, its sunpaled red walls and reflective pools paying homage to North Africa’s stark beauty and rich history." - Amanresorts

{images via: amanresorts}


28 February 2012

Interior Inspiration: {celebrity homes}

Celebrity homes are amongst the most beautifully designed. The interiors are fabulous, with exteriors and amazing views to match. Many are elegantly designed, brimming with sophistication and opulence.

{images via: cnbc}

27 February 2012

The Oscars 2012

A very delicate and elegant atmosphere was conveyed, on the red carpet, at this years Oscars. Exquisite 1920s & 1930s inspired gowns were seen at this years Oscars along with lavish embellishments, accessories and makeup. The Hollywood glamour was highly alive.

{images via: bbc}

23 February 2012

Colour Inspiration: {colour and spices}

Colours and spices from India are highly inspiring. They also make up an amazing colour palette.

{image via: flickr}

{images via: puretravel}

{image via: pinterest}

{image via: pinterest}

{image via: opentravel}

22 February 2012

Bedrooms by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard is one of my favourite designers. His interiors are absolutely exquisite, full of charm and culture. He brings a vast amount of energy and life into a space and executes it beautifully. These are some bedrooms designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design company. Absolutely amazing.

{images via: martynlawrencebullard}

21 February 2012

Roland Kreiter: { mysqueeze - alessi }

When a design is described as 'emotionally influenced' by the designer himself, one knows the efficiency of the product. The 'mysqueeze' citrus squeezer, designed by Roland Kreiter for Alessi, is quite a unique piece of what one can call, machinery. Quite robust in appearance, the 'mysqueeze' citrus squeezer is an excellent and ultra contemporary utensil to have in any kitchen.

{image via: mydeco.com}

"Kreiter describes his design as "minimalist, authentic and emotionally influenced". He analyses and interprets his environment to inspire his audience." mydeco.com

Roland Kreiter & Philippe Starck
{image via: mydeco.com}

Alberto Alessi said, "This seemed to me like a worthy tribute to "Juicy Salif" (1990), the most controversial Citrus-squeezer of the twentieth century."

In collaboration with this fine design and mydeco.com a short film showcasing the product was created.

{video via: youtube}

20 February 2012

Kate Spade New York & Florence Broadhurst: { brooklyn brownstone collection }

When an amazing collaboration is made a collection such as the Brooklyn Brownstone wallpaper collection is created. Elegantly stylish and on trend for 2012 the collection combines a combination of Japanese Floral prints and beautiful Egrets. This inspiration arose from combining a selection of 12 Florence Broadhurst designs  and working with Deborah Lloyd, kate spade new york’s chief creative officer to produce this amazing and absolutely beautiful wallpaper collection.

{images via: signatureprints}

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