22 June 2012

Interior Inspiration: {a fabulous contemporary home}

I have always preferred traditional design to the more minimalistic design that we find mostly within contemporary architecture. When a balance can be made with traditional and contemporary elements the final outcome can be mesmerising. I do however find this contemporary home eye catchingly attractive, this is because the lighting and materials used such as the wooden flooring and wall panelling, produce a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A perfect balance.

{images via: mumbaihangout}

19 June 2012

Interior Inspiration: {maison hand}

Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin are the fabulous duo behind Maison Hand an Interior Design company based in France. The designs are beautifully adaptable to traditional interiors as to contemporary ones. I highly like their neutral palette, it produces a very fresh and relaxing finish.

{images via: maison-hand}

17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day: {my dad & I}

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there and especially mine. I can say I've been blessed with a wonderful family and an amazing dad who means the world to me. I absolutely adore this photo of us when I was a child. I will forever be thankful for his guidance and presence in my life. xo


13 June 2012

Wendy Bevan: {atmosfere neorealiste}

I find photography which is able to convey a story highly inspiring. This editorial from Marie Claire Italy (2009) photographed in Cuba by Wendy Bevan and modeled by Elisa Sednaou is a story in its own. Beautifully compelling and glamorously elegant.

{images via: wendybevan}

11 June 2012

Style Inspiration: {hermès windows}

Hermès has some of the most beautiful window displays, all thanks to the wonderfully talented Leila Menchari who has been creating these displays for Hermès since 1977.

Truly inspirational!

{images via: hermes}
Photography: Guillaume de Laubier

8 June 2012

Style Inspiration: {le temps devant soi - hermes}

Hermes 'Le temps devant soi' spring - summer 2012 campaign is a breath of fresh air. It is beautiful, feminine and elegant.

{images via: hermes}

6 June 2012

A glamorous Venetian inspired apartment

Traditional homes can look wonderfully glamorous when restored and decorated to an exceptional standard, such as this sophisticated venetian-inspired family apartment. I simply adore the high ceilings, the venetian-inspired accessories and the blue is amaze.

{images via: harpersbazaar}

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