24 December 2013

{Merry Christmas}

Merry Christmas to all my readers. I hope you have a fabulous Happy Holiday and I wish you all Love, Health and Happiness for the year ahead! 

Natalia Jane xo

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23 December 2013

Gold, Glitter and Glamour

The metallic trend had a huge comeback this year flourishing with golden hues appearing in fashion through to interiors and home decor. I find gold, particularly used in fashion, highly desirable and glamorous in winter. It evokes a magical atmosphere when used delicately within a room and is a top choice for evening wear alongside the little black dress. Get gold and glitter!

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Holiday Inspiration: {have a white christmas}

When it comes to deciding how to decorate your home for Christmas one can get overwhelmed with all the new decorative accessories available. Most people stick to their traditional decor which mainly consists of the colours, red, gold and green or even blue and silver. White decor is a great way to add a fresh and contemporary feel to the home with the same feeling of warmth which a traditional decor provides.

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White decor can provide the warm winter feel. 

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 A beautiful idea is to hang baubles and ornaments from a chandelier or similar lighting.

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 Keep it classy with wonderful snowflake and star inspired cookies.

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9 October 2013

Style Inspiration: {cavalli class}

Autumn is a beautiful season where bold colours such as gorgeous plums and exotic teals can be worn. These tones are wonderful at complimenting fall make up especially the smoky eye and rouge lips. Roberto Cavalli has perfected the autumnal classy lady look with these fabulous pieces.

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2 October 2013

Guest Post: Interior Inspiration {6 ways to go retro with interiors}

Retro is in, an homage to times gone by and a nod to the days before products were made to be replaced often. Sturdy curved fridges, smoothly finished appliances and even those marvelous Bakelite telephones are all reproduced or renovated to look their very best in a modern home.

Retro Sleep

If you like retro ideas but do not want the entire house to look old-fashioned, perhaps you can constrain your retro styling to just one or two rooms. A bedroom is the perfect place for such indulgence, as the retro fashion lends itself beautifully to bedroom décor. Concentrate on textures and patterns when choosing fabrics for bedding and soft furnishings, looking through old photograph albums for inspiration. Pop Art pictures and designs can be used to good effect adding a unique retro feel to your room.

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Retro Vignette

Exchange your modern telephone for an old-fashioned one. You will soon learn to appreciate the solidity and comfort experienced when using these solid and sturdy pieces. Finish off the vignette by adding small black and white photographs, framed seaside postcards and other mementos from the desired decade.

{image via: anthropologie}

Retro Walls

If you cannot afford, or simply do not want, to change all your modern and contemporary furniture, you can add a retro feel with wallpaper and paint. Look through old photographs, study older television shows and even pop down to your local library to study advertisements in old magazines and newspapers. Choose bright colours, splash on a lively chevron border and transform your room without changing one piece of furniture!

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Retro Colour

For a vibrant and unusual look redecorate a room in black and white monochrome, with touches of just one bright primary colour. This unique style calls up visions of the bright graphics that were the forerunner of the modern methods of animation and caricature rendering. Think Andy Warhol, the heyday of comic books and the beginning of the technological revolution that has swept the world over the last four decades. For very nice retro bedspreads you can check: yorkshirelinen

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Retro Texture

Shag pile rug and textured cushions give a modern room a depth of interest while adding a hint of retro, conjuring up images of free love and heady independence. Think of vehicles decked out as love machines, carpeted and painted with vibrant colours and delightful textures; of times when young couples fought to change old unfair systems that no longer worked and of times of great change throughout the world – this is the reason to inject true retro fervour into your home! For textured cushions you can check: occa-home

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Retro Optical Illusions

Zany, zigzag patterns, swirling hypnotic circles and sharp geometric tessellations recall a vibrant time when the 'establishment' was rocked to its core and society changed dramatically. These funky designs can be incorporated into a room with bedding, carpets, wallpaper or even as a picture hung on the wall!

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Clashing colours, signs of unconventionality and the winds of change: all of these are signs of the sixties and seventies. Only now can we appreciate the courage that it took that generation of youngsters to fight for change. Celebrate their achievements by adding a touch of retro chic to your home!

This article was brought to you by Jessica Christian.

11 September 2013

A man’s guide to dressing for any occasion

When it comes to deciding what to wear, men often have a difficult job. While women can find fashion inspiration from magazines, the TV, and their friends, it can be a little harder for their male counterparts to get a feel for what’s hot and how they can impress at various occasions.

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Here, we take a look at what to wear for these key events.

The workplace

Of course, what you wear to the office will largely depend on the corporate dress code. Nowadays though, many places are relaxing their policies and adopting a smart casual approach. If this is the case, a good choice is a pair of smart trousers with a fitted jumper. It gives the impression that you’re serious about looking the part, but haven’t gone over the top. It goes without saying that you should wear a shirt and tie for important meetings.

A weekend meal

Whether it’s a romantic meal with your partner or a get together with your friends, a weekend meal is the time to look sharp yet comfortable. Dark coloured chinos with a casual shirt can be a fantastic option here, and the look will take you right through into evening drinks at the bar if you need it to. If you’re going somewhere particularly sophisticated, there might be a dress code, so always check in advance.

A wedding

There’s rarely a wedding that doesn’t require a suit! A good one will last you a lifetime, so consider getting one fitted by a tailor. Team it with an Oxford button down shirt and some smart, polished shoes. You can always take your jacket off later in the day once the party gets started!

A night on the town

If you like a night out on the town, it’s a good bet to have a few options at your disposal for various weather conditions. A polo shirt and some smart jeans may suffice in the summer, but when the evenings start to get colder, you might want to go for a chunky knit sweater and some trendy boots. Wear a splash of your signature aftershave and you’re ready to go.

If you get these areas of your wardrobe sorted, you should find that there’s rarely an occasion when you don’t know what to wear. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look great, especially if you put in a bit of forward planning.

This article was brought to you by Jane Smith on behalf of Ben Sherman. The brand offers a stylish and on-trend range of clothing including Ben Sherman Chelsea boots for the man who wants to look his best.

Valentino: {pure porcelain 2013/2014}

Blue and White are two fabulous and complimenting colours which balance each other beautifully. One just has to look up at the sky to see how these two colours perfect each other. This colour combination is seen in many places. I particularly like to see them present on tiles and patterned soft furnishings. Valentino's Pure Porcelain collection magically represents this beauty and femininity on dresses and accessories. Its a timeless and pretty piece.

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6 July 2013

Godiva: {Chocolate Dipped Strawberries}

Summer is finally here and there is nothing better than getting together with friends and family and enjoying a nice picnic in the park or hosting a lovely dinner party. The question which always comes to mind is what shall we pack;serve;eat? A healthy dessert should definitely be on this list!

Godiva's delicious chocolate dipped strawberries might be suitable for either occasion. The strawberries, picked at the peak of ripeness, are coated with a delicious layer of dark fondant chocolate (Perles de choc noir 72%) and handmade by Godiva Chocolatiers in store, in front of customer’s eyes and are available in store.

If you wish to add an extra level of indulgence to the perfect dipped strawberry, Godiva offers four additional special toppings that can be used to coat the chocolate: fresh coconut shavings, chocolate flakes, honey roasted almond pieces or speculoos, the famous Belgium biscuit to add to the already decadent chocolate covered strawberry.

Pre-order your chocolate covered strawberries at least 24 hours in advance. Feel free to mix and match chocolates in each gift box (six strawberries per box) — choose from milk dark or white chocolate.

Available exclusively at GODIVA boutiques and online. Find your nearest GODIVA BOUTIQUES USA / GODIVA UK.

2 July 2013

Home Decor: {5 must-have accessories for your home}

Home Decor - The 5 Must-have Accessories for Your Home by Jennifer.

When decorating your home you spend many hours choosing the perfect paint, wallpaper and carpets, but you also need to put the same amount of thought into purchasing accessories and home-ware. Here are the top 5 must-have accessories for your home.

Bathroom Comforts
The bathroom is a place where you should be able to sit back, relax and indulge in luxury that is nothing short of divine. To create this atmosphere you need a completely ordered and organised bathroom so you simply must have a mirrored cabinet on your wall. As well as being a place where you can store and hide-away all of your hygiene products and bubble bath they are fabulous for creating illusions of space - perfect for a small and compact bathroom.

To create an ambience of comfort the addition of quality towels is a must. They must be soft and fluffy so they provide you with the warm, fuzzy feeling of ultimate relaxation after stepping out of a delightful bubble bath. When picking your towels take into account the colours of your bathroom, ensure that they either match or contrast with the tones within your tiles. Bear in mind you can never go wrong with a set of gorgeous white towels - they certainly bring a refreshing aura to your home.

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The Lounge of Luxury
You will have probably spent an awful lot of time and energy finding the comfiest couch in your price range. You may still want to add splash of glamour with a hint of excitement to your interior decor to bring an air of class into your lounge - simply add a set of beautiful cushions.

To add a funky contrast to your home lay down a rug with an eye-catching pattern to really bring your interior to life. Rugs can be any shape, style or size so you're bound to find one that looks sensational inside of your home. If your lounge has creamy coloured walls add a rug with a fascinating and magnificent pattern on it to inject a little bit of excitement and glorious beauty into your lounge.

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A Desirable Dining Room
The dining room is where you will do the majority of your entertaining, for dinner parties at least. This room needs to be elegant with a welcoming yet high-class atmosphere. To achieve this you need to dress your gorgeous dining table with a beautiful table cloth and table runner. A floral pattern is traditional and never goes out of style, however for a more modern look you should stick to the rule of minimalism; only use up to two tones. If you dress your table fabulously you'll impress your guests every time they visit.

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So the 5 accessories that would look fabulous in your home are;
1.      Mirrored cabinets
2.      Luxurious towels
3.      Classy cushions
4.      Regal rugs
5.      Terrific table decoration

Adding these accessories to your house will give it a lovely homely feeling that isn't found anywhere else. So make sure you make your home the best it can be by making it look and feel amazing!

Jennifer is a seasoned homeware writer who has been writing for print and web media for over 10 years. She is passionate about finding the most luxurious home accessories like those found at christy-towels.

14 June 2013

Psychotic Love: {roberto cavalli}

Roberto Cavalli's Psychotic Love campaign is captivating, exotic and highly dramatic. I love the story it expresses through the use of great shots by photographer Diego Diaz Marin. The colours and opulence portrayed are beautifully hypnotic.

"Psychotic love" is a film created through photographic sequences, narrating the story of a strong and rebellious woman, on the verge of insanity, expressed in a satirical way. 

The story is illustrated through colors, which gradually become darker and more decadent, representing the evolution of the star character's personality. A cascading mood which culminates in delirium and brings her to ecstasy: the moment in which she decides to change her life, leaving everything behind, but her "Hera Bag".... 

"Psychotic love" was created to promote Roberto Cavalli's accessories collection, and to tell the story of the Hera Bag." 
Creative direction: Rachele Cavalli 


{images via: RobertoCavalli}


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