14 June 2013

Psychotic Love: {roberto cavalli}

Roberto Cavalli's Psychotic Love campaign is captivating, exotic and highly dramatic. I love the story it expresses through the use of great shots by photographer Diego Diaz Marin. The colours and opulence portrayed are beautifully hypnotic.

"Psychotic love" is a film created through photographic sequences, narrating the story of a strong and rebellious woman, on the verge of insanity, expressed in a satirical way. 

The story is illustrated through colors, which gradually become darker and more decadent, representing the evolution of the star character's personality. A cascading mood which culminates in delirium and brings her to ecstasy: the moment in which she decides to change her life, leaving everything behind, but her "Hera Bag".... 

"Psychotic love" was created to promote Roberto Cavalli's accessories collection, and to tell the story of the Hera Bag." 
Creative direction: Rachele Cavalli 


{images via: RobertoCavalli}


7 June 2013

Pinterest: Pin It Forward UK Launch

I’m really excited to be part of the Pin It Forward UK campaign. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of and to share. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is almost like an online scrap book, where I ‘pin’ images from the internet that I find inspiring, onto various boards. It is a great site which I visit every day to seek inspiration. 

Pinterest is superbly amazing for collecting and organising images you love from all over the internet. This can vary tremendously from food to holiday destinations. It is also a great tool to use if you are creating a moodboard or even planning a dinner party as it provides the necessary inspiration to achieve your desired look. Pinterest is relatively new in the UK and is highly popular among bloggers, especially interior design bloggers.

 My boards are very personal and I pin things that I am passionate about, such as pretty cakes or a glamorous interior.  This is my Yum Delights board which I go back to every time I'm planning a dinner party.

What is beautiful about Pinterest is that it is open to the world and people are able to view and repin from your boards. It’s where I mainly source my inspiration and where I go to get images for my blog posts. It is an online catalogue of luxury! 

I initially began pinning from websites I found to be highly inspiring, such as wedding websites and interior design blogs. Beautiful Bedrooms has to be my favourite board. As an aspiring interior designer, I find Pinterest an invaluable place to source inspiration and collect wonderful images. 

There are so many exquisitely beautiful images on the net and to be able to collect these onto personal online boards is amazing. It also compliments my blog Fleur de Londres nicely.

So if you have not joined  Pinterest yet, join now and start pinning! It’s wonderful!

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You can follow their wonderful boards here Cocktails and Daydreams / Princess Prudence Diaries.


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