28 August 2016

Style your home with round mirrors

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Mirrors can brighten up a space as well as give the illusion of enlarging it, due to it being a reflective accessory. Mirrors can also add charm, sophistication, and mystery to a room depending on its style. Arranging mirrors by different sizes, shapes and even styles can add character to a room. Below are some great examples of styling your home with a round mirror. 

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27 August 2016

Colour Inspiration: {opulent purple}

After a busy week it is wonderful to relax and get down to a bit of weekend blogging. My weekend colour inspiration has to be purple, it is such an intense and powerful colour with different values from strong and vibrant purple to pale and delicate violet.

Purple can create a royal ambiance within a room especially when complemented with a golden accent colour. Colours that work well with purple can be seen in nature from fields of lavender to berry bushes. Such colours are golds and yellows to greys and greens. 

                                                                       images via: osborneandlittleharlequinpinterest,  Lorca 

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Interior Inspiration: {The Real Greek}

Not only does the Real Greek restaurant, depict wonderful, authentic Greek dishes but they have an interior to match. Each one of the restaurants scattered around London, has a beautifully fresh interior. The tiled wall provides a great feature in this space which represents the style of Greece and its wonderful connection to the sea.

There is a beautiful terrace so you can feel as if you are actually eating in Greece, out in the Mediterranean sunshine. The use of ceiling to floor glass doors and windows open up the space and draws in the natural sunlight making the ambience of the space very fresh and light.

It's a wonderful restaurant, with great food and a lovely ambience.


Style Inspiration: {parisian chic}

There is nothing more elegant than behaving like a woman, that also goes for dressing like one. Parisian chic style is greatly admired by many for being simple yet stylish and sexy.
"Elegance must be the right combination of distinction, naturalness, care and simplicity" Christian Dior
Apart from Audrey Tautou who is simply gorgeous, Inès de la Fressange is exceptionally stylish, this femininity is also portrayed through her daughter, Nine de la Fressange.

A style which is appropriate for a woman of any age.

{images via: rdujour}


26 August 2016

The four poster bed: {turnpost}

I am a huge fan of the four poster bed and beds which ooze character and detail. TurnPost specialise in the design and manufacture of luxury four poster beds and handcrafted bedroom furniture. Each bedpost is hand turned by their skilled craftsmen in Yorkshire using traditional techniques. They also provide a bespoke design and manufacture service which is wonderful. This modern take on the classic antique bed will suitably fit most bedrooms wanting to portray luxury and sophistication. 

{images courtesy of decorum media}


24 August 2016

Lunch at The Real Greek with Tonia Buxton

Greek food is indeed delicious, so I was only too excited when I was invited to lunch at the popular London restaurant group, The Real Greek, with Tonia Buxon, to celebrate the launch of The Real Greek cook book. The Real Greek have decided to share their fabulous trade secrets and recipes in a wonderfully presented cook book. 

I savoured most of their popular, and authentic dishes such as the split pea fava, which was super delicious and the grilled calamari (my favourite). Tasty recipes such as prawns with feta, dolmades, slow roasted pork belly, red mullet parcels, stuffed cabbage leaves and much more are all revealed in the book. The book also covers meze’s, starters, mains, deserts, sides and salads, plus garnish and sauces.

Greek food is inspired by many different cultures that now shape modern Greece. The Real Greek cook book conveys the cuisine of modern Greece and reflects the passion that The Real Greek restaurant has for food, family and life. My experience at the restaurant was absolutely delightful, relaxing and a culinary experience into the Greek culture. 

The Real Greek cook book will allow anyone that enjoys Greek food to bring the Greek experience into their homes, creating restaurant standard food to share with friends and family.


Best ice cream in London

You've probably noticed a lot of Rose looking ice creams popping up on Instagram. I've gone on a hunt to find the best artisanal ice creams in London!

Amorino - various branches in London
If you're looking for a flower cone ice cream look no further than Amorino. With branches spread out all over London you're in for a treat with flavours ranging from strawberry, pistachio and vanilla to lemongrass and coconut. A major highlight is that they also make deliciously amazing pancakes and waffles.

GelupoArcher Street, W1
Gelupo has been creating adventurous and flavoursome ice cream since opening its first branch in 2010. You can expect flavours ranging from daring cinnamon and bayleaf to ricotta with chocolate and black pepper. It's definitely a place to get your tastebuds popping!

La Gelatiera - New Row, WC2

La Gelatiera is where you can expect to get natural, artisan, delicious flavoured ice cream made daily. The ice creams are all 100% natural and free from additives and preservatives. There's sensational flavours from honey and rosemary to chilli and dark chocolate. My favourite flavour has to be the prosecco and strawberry!

Yorica Wardour Street

Not only does Yorica have a beautifully decorated interior, but it's also Londons first dairy, egg, nut and gluten free ice creamery. Their ice cream is all plant based, made from rice milk or vegan frozen yogurt. What makes Yorica exceptionally fun is it's pleasurable toppings, with a choice of fresh fruit, marshmallows or brownie pieces.

Chin Chin Labs - Camden Lock Place, NW1

22 August 2016

Our first nine months with baby Sofia

Nine months ago I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl. Labour was pretty crazy and I ended up giving birth in triage. It's been an amazing nine months with Sofia and the highlight of our day is waking up to her smile every morning. Life hasn't changed much. I think when you have your second child they end up adapting themselves around your life rather than the other way round. We're very lucky that she's a very content baby and that I've been able to still blog and attend events.

After her birth my partner took two weeks paternity leave which helped immensely. I think the first month is important to form some sort of routine, where you bond with your baby and rest when you can. It's important that the parents take care of themselves, freshen up when baby is sleeping and eat without skipping meals. I feel that if you're okay then your baby will be okay. Babies have a very close connection with their parents, especially their mothers. They sense anxiety, stress and restlessness, this is why it's important to take care of yourselves when you're bringing up a baby.

Sleep patterns are quite unpredictable as she can sleep through the night one day and keep us awake three days in a row for the rest of the week. The best way we have managed this is by being okay with it and not stressing out. We usually wake up to her gurgles and bubble blowing at 4am and we actually start laughing rather than worrying that we're not getting enough sleep.

I began weening Sofia at six months. Until six months she was solely breastfed. I found breastfeeding much easier the second time round. I did struggle with my first and although I breast fed him also, it was very uncomfortable for me. At the moment, I'm giving Sofia three meals a day; for breakfast, Aptamil multigrain cereal, and for lunch and dinner I'm using Nutribaby Food Steamer and Blender by Babymoov to steam lots of delicious fruit and vegetables. It's quite a spacious steamer and I usually steam a little more for all of us to eat.

Sofia's nine months now and we've just come back from her first holiday which was amazing. My sons on school holidays at the moment so I'm enjoying both of their companies whilst balancing work and home-life until he goes back to school.

I hope you're all enjoying your summer.

Kisses, Natalia Jane xo


17 August 2016

How to choose the right sofa

There are many sources that people go to for inspiration when wanting to choose the right sofa, from magazines and shops to online. Choosing the right style, shape and colour can be overwhelming and can actually take up a lot more time than you think.

Below are a few tips which can help you save time before deciding on the sofa you want to get.

Firstly, consider the size of your room. You will need to decide whether you want a big sofa or a small sofa depending on the size of the room. If you're working with a small space consider the design of the sofa, it should compliment the rest of the room. Many people choose to have a focal point in their room and opt for a piece of art to achieve this. However, a sofa makes a fabulous focal point in a room and the beauty about this is that it can be styled to your personal taste. The colour, pattern, fabric and soft accessories can be personalised to suit you, your home and your character.

Sofas come in different shapes and sizes, the L-shape sofa proves to be a favourite for many. The Buzz sofa from Sofas & Stuff is a perfect example of a versatile design that stylishly fits a space that can be rearranged to suit each season. Buzz can be restyled into a sofa with an armchair, a snuggler or it can be extended.

Think about the colour and fabric of your sofa. If you have pets or young children, opting for a light coloured sofa may not be the best choice. Leather sofas, particularly darker coloured ones, are timeless and generally wear well. They are also easy to clean. Another great thing to think about is the style of your home, ideally there should be a flow of style between each room and they should compliment each other.

Your sofa should be a well thought of investment because it's a piece of furniture that you will be making great use of both physically and visually. 

Sofas & Stuff have a new software on their website that lets you create your own sofa! Take a look at SOFA INSPIRATION HERE!

Sofas & Stuff have a vast and beautiful selection of sofas that will always stay in style. Below are some more fabulous examples.

Leconfield Large sofa in Valese Fir - (Scatters in Harlequin Amazilia Paradise) by Sofas & Stuff.

Fowey Sofa in Romo Linara Primrose and chair

Petworth Small Sofa in Linwood Pronto Pink Gin 

Alwinton Large Sofa in Rosehip Rose

Ashdown Medium Sofa in Taransay Wall

{images via: Sofas & Stuff }


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