18 September 2016

Sofa Trends - 2017

With 2016 almost coming to an end, I’ve decided to explore the forthcoming 2017 trend which will be making a huge impression within our home and workspace. 2016 was a fun and vibrant year with style inspiration from Rio and the Amazon in Brazil being a forefront of trends in both fashion and interiors. Last year I visited Kips Bay during New York Design Week and this was a great example of implementing Brazilian influence within interiors from colours and prints.

2017 is going to be a very different year within the world of design. Due to the increasing use of social media and constantly being on the internet, next year sees a healthy shift towards opaque materials to create a sense of privacy and also minimalistic interiors and escapism, influenced by Scandinavian design.

This will have a great influence on design with many British brands taking on this trend and implementing it within their design, such as The Lounge Co. with their family friendly fabrics and world-renowned craftsmanship. Their sofas and chairs fit in beautifully with the fore coming Scandinavian trend.

The Georgia Sofa Snuggler is perfect in a minimalistic and natural space. It works wonderfully with the Scandinavian trend and provides a warm ambience within the space its in.

Embracing the opulent jewel colours that will also be trending next year, with the Noah chair will provide a regal atmosphere in any room.

This wonderful shade of Green also complements a Scandinavian styled interior, giving the room a wonderful wintery christmas feel. Jewel green also makes for a wonderful accent colour, which can be achieved through accessories such as cushions or a chair, like the one below.

Below is some inspiration of what you might expect to see in 2017, including jewel tones, opulent accent colours and furnishings which provide warmth and glamour. The Sophia sofa provides a neutral backdrop for adding attractive accessories. 

One of my favourite colours for 2017 can be seen conveyed in the Poppy sofa!

A couple of the most popular colours for 2017 will be flat orange and denim blue.

The Lounge Co is highly on trend with what we're expecting to see in 2017. They're a new label offering quality, British-designed and made furniture (from the people behind Parker Knoll, G-Plan and Duresta, no less) that’s contemporary, comfortable and covetable. They have a curated range of 12 sofas, 6 chairs and 6 footstalls all available in over 110 fabric and colour options. 

16 September 2016

Travel Inspiration: {Vuyani Safari Lodge}

An infusion between an exquisite boutique hotel and a wildlife safari, Vuyani Safari Lodge in South Africa is truly beautiful. It is a true paradise set below the Drakensberg Mountains, where its wildlife, nature, tranquillity and beautiful interiors make this a dream destination.

{images via: jetsetter}

13 September 2016

7 Inspirational Workspaces

Summer's gone and autumn is on its way in. If you have children the new school year has just begun and we are all gradually getting back into our daily routines. I find it very important to incorporate our personalities into the space we work in so that there is a comfortable and energetic ambience within that space. Your work space doesn't have to be big, you don't need to work alongside ten colleagues in a google office to feel productive. As long as your desk contains all the necessary equipment you need to be productive you will have the perfect base and setting.

I find Scandinavian inspired workspaces highly attractive; its clean, crisp, white interiors are stunning. Mood boards and pin boards are a brilliant idea to have up against the wall, to use as an interactive pinning place, to keep you inspired and focused. Pops of colour and quirky accessories also look great, and don't forget some flowers for a touch of pure elegance.

{image via: hubsch-interior}

{image via: danielwellington}

{image via: jenwoodhouse}

{image via: shift-interiors

{image via: Christopher Johnsson for Hitta hem via decordots}

{image via: decordots}

{image via: linxspiration}

12 September 2016

Five Ways to update your bedroom

There are many ways to redecorate your bedroom. When it comes to style there are no rules. You can use dark colours in a small space just as you can use light and neutral tones in a large space. Where you need to pay attention, is to the balance. The balance and air flow has to be right in a room so that the right atmosphere and ambience is achieved.

Below are five easy steps to achieving a light, dreamy bedroom.

Nude Walls

White, creams, light pinks and greys work beautifully in a space where one wants to create a light and airy space. Neutral, organic colours are an excellent backdrop and foundation to create your desired room. Nude colours make a space seem larger, it also gives opportunity to play with colour, texture and accents within the room.

{image via: norskeinteriorblogger}

{image via: homeyohmy}

Pretty Fabrics

Cushions, throws and rugs provide a softness to most rooms. They give a finishing touch to sofas and beds. When using soft furnishings in a bedroom opt for cream coloured fabrics and rose coloured fabrics. They provide a delicate and feminine touch to the bedroom.

{image via: apartment therapy}

Lighting - Chandeliers 

Chandeliers are fabulous, I would consider even putting one in my bathroom as they portray so much glamour and style. A chandelier in a bedroom will give that finishing touch of feminine glamour and class to any space. They come in many different sizes so will look just as fabulous in a small space as it would in a large room.

{image via: rhbabyandchild}

{image via: rhbabyandchild}


I cannot highlight the need to use accessories in the bedroom. This can range from photo frames, to candles and flowers. Accessories add character to a room and this is where you can personalise it to your own taste. Uplift the bedroom with a beautiful scented candle or highlight a wall with a piece of wall art.
{image via: housetohome}


A good airflow is fundamental in a bedroom as it is a place most retreat to after a long days work or a busy weekend. Its a part of the home where you can relax and unwind and therefore it should be clutter free. Before redecorating your bedroom, clear out your wardrobe and all the unnecessary things you no longer need. With a clean and clutter-free room you're already on your way to achieving that bedroom you've always dreamed of.

10 Stylish Monochrome Bedrooms

There's something intriguing and magically beautiful about a very plain but classy bedroom. This look can easily be achieved by using the colours black and white to decorate your bedroom. White walls with black accents implemented through accessories such as cushions, fabrics or lampshades can evoke a Scandinavian romantic look. A black wall can add an interesting focal point to a bedroom and this can be complemented with neural coloured fabrics and accessories. It's both timeless, classic and very beautiful.

{image via: ollieandsebshaus)

(image via: draumesider)

{image via: planete-deco}

{image via: zsazsabellagio}

{image via: trendenser}

{image via: seventeen doors}

{image via: rikkisnyder}

{image via: designlovefest}

{image via: brightboldbeautiful}

{image via: pinterest}


10 September 2016

How to create the perfect Gallery Wall

{image via: sfgirlbybay}

Trends come and go. Many fashion trends that are implemented into interiors such as colours, prints and different styles, change from season to season. A design element, in particular, that I find to be timeless, is a gallery wall. The beauty about this design element is that it is so versatile it can be a feature in any room of the house and can be created in a style which suits you. 

Gallery walls can be found in residential design as well as commercial design. It provides many functions. The most appealing gallery walls are ones which combine a variety of art sizes and frame styles. A way in which this would work beautifully is by choosing a colour scheme or art style so even if the frames are different sizes and styles they will still compliment each other. 

Ultimately, your wall should represent you, your style and personality. If using different sized frames, begin with the larger ones and place smaller ones around it. The frame style is a matter of personal preference, however, it should compliment the art its framing. The best place to hang your art is at eye-level. 

Gallery walls are super fun to create and make a stunning focal point in any room. 

Below are some fabulous examples. Enjoy! 

{image via: mylovelythings}

{image via: justbesplendid}

{image via: lesconfettis}

A simple, flora inspired gallery wall.

{image via: cocolapinedesign}

Build a gallery wall around a door frame.

{image via: mrtimschroeder}

{image via: housetohome}


Interior Inspiration: {A Parisian apartment}

Large rooms, with abundant space and wooden flooring is my idea of interior paradise. This Parisian styled apartment designed by interior designer Jessica Vedel, features so much splendour and classical charm. It's beautifully designed, from the wall decorations to the furniture and is a perfect reflection of sophisticated design.

{images via: jurajtalcik}

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