28 December 2016

Sleep better with a Leesa mattress

Sleep is so important, especially when you're a mother of two and a full-time blogger like myself. I have a routine most evenings where I'll watch something fun on Netflix and aim to get into bed for 11pm. Having a one year old that sleeps in my bedroom means that my nights are often unpredictable and sleep deprivation is something I experience quite often. Sleep deprivation is highly common and has adverse affects on people. This is due to many different reasons, from waking up because of your baby crying to having a mattress which is not compatible with your body. 

I recently ordered a Leesa mattress online and it arrived quite quickly in a box. Yes, I did say a box! I found this so practical and I easily manoeuvred it into the bedroom. The way the Leesa mattress is packaged is just perfect, especially for small apartments. I positioned the rolled up mattress onto the base of my bed, tore the plastic wrapper and it slowly sprung into place. It was quite a strange experience as it seemed as if the mattress was alive as it grew and took shape. It takes a minimum of one hour to expand until it's ready to be used. Once an hour had passed, I jumped onto the bed and it was definitely harder and higher than my previous mattress and I was curious to know how my night would be. It was actually pretty good. I felt that although the mattress is quite hard, it gently hugs your body which is really soothing. I've been sleeping on the Leesa mattress for a few weeks now and I can say my sleep has got so much better and my body feels quite refreshed in the mornings.

Leesa offers the chance to trial the mattress for up to 100 nights and offers a full refund if you’re still not happy with it (they recommend trying it for at least 30 nights to adjust to the feel of the new mattress). 

For £50.00 off your own Leesa mattress click here!


21 December 2016

Deck The Halls with The White Company

Christmas is nearly here, four more sleeps to be precise and I'm really getting into the Christmas mood. I've almost done all of my Christmas shopping, almost! I'm looking forward to wrapping everyone's present and making it look super pretty. So many things make me feel Christmassy, from scented candles to mulled wine and fairy lights. The White Company's Christmas decor is definitely sparkling this year. I absolutely love the Eucalyptus and Winterberry garland which smells delicious. Their candles are also divinely scented and on my Christmas list this year. What makes you feel all Christmassy and how have you decorated your home this Christmas? I'd love to know! Natalia xo


15 December 2016

The Yummiest Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of my favourite warm drinks, especially during the winter months with a chocolate sprinkled cream topping. So, you can imagine my excitement when the door bell rang and I was greeted with a package that came all the way from the Netherlands full of chocolate! CHCO Chocolate Company surprised me with a box full of treats including the iconic Hotchocspoon. The Hotchocspoon, invented by Chief Toussaint, is amazing. It contains the best chocolate recipes from original milk chocolate to Cinnamon infused chocolate and then it's incorporated into a cube with a spoon stuck in the middle. This is then supposed to be placed into a mug of hot milk and stirred until melted. Such a delight! CHCO have really tasty bombons with extraordinary flavours, premium cocoa beans from different origins, fine pralines and icings. CHCO even do fondues which can easily be shared with family, loved ones or friends!


11 December 2016

Scandinavian Accents

Scandinavian design emerged in the Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland in the 1950s. It was a movement of design which highlighted simplistic design, function and minimalism. Scandinavian design arose from a cultural movement where Realism was replaced by Modernism as an escape from the Realism that dominated the art world during the 19th century. Affordable, beautiful objects were able to be implemented within design schemes, bringing a fresh new, contemporary outlook on interiors and its space. 

The Scandinavian way of living is portrayed through it's designs and interiors. Most Nordic designers are very passionate about this way of minimalistic living that their designs are inspired by nature and are kept clean, simple and easily enjoyable whilst being beautifully functional.



8 December 2016

Lovely Christmas Flowers & Gifts

Christmas is almost here. It's one of the most prettiest and cosiest times of the year and pretty flowers have everything to do with that. Christmas is a creative time, where you're able to style your home and your furniture to compliment the feel associated with Christmas. Reds, greens and whites are the most popular colours this season and a great way to implement this into your home or workplace is through floral arrangements. Flowers add charm to any space and what I like about Christmas bouquets is that they are complimented with extras such as pine cones, holly and mistletoe. Flowers also make wonderful presents as they represent magic, romance and friendship.

Celebrate Christmas this year with a bouquet from Australian based, Flowers For Everyone. Their florals range from Australian native wild flowers and evergreen wreaths to tropical flower arrangements brimming with lilies, roses and lovely red berries. Fresh fruit hampers, Belgian chocolates and ECOYA home fragrances are also splendidly available and great to offer as a gift for that special someone.

Organic Xmas Wreath

The Chocolate Xmas Tree is absolutely perfect for adding a little sparkle to the work place and will be sure to add a Christmas sparkly smile to your colleagues and clients faces.

Flowers For Everyone have beautiful bouquets which reflect each season. Their spring flowers are absolutely beautiful and make a wonderful gift on Mother's Day or as an Easter Table centrepiece.

High Tea Bouquet (Sydney Metro Region Only)


5 December 2016

The Covet House Experience

Porto, the second largest city in Portugal which is renowned for its beautiful Douro Valley and wine has a very interesting and delightful design project called Covet House. This project is set in the Douro region and it aims to deliver a live, human experience of some of the best furniture brands that Portugal has to offer. The benefit of the location is that visitors get to see the breathtaking views of the Douro river and the architecture of the building itself. 

There is quite a nice selection of luxury design pieces such as Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, Luxxu, BRABBU and KoketCovet House portrays the history and journey of Portuguese design and is a wonderful place to source great inspiration. 


2 December 2016

DIY Pine Cone Jewelled Wreath

Christmas wreaths come in all different colours and sizes. They vary from traditional to glamorous, and small details can make all the difference. I have been challenged by Harveys Furniture to create a jewelled festive decoration and below is my take on a jewelled Christmas wreath. 

Jewelled wreaths are particularly captivating and can stylishly modernise your home. Wreaths are a very versatile Christmas decoration as they can be added to your Christmas styled vignette or placed in any room to add a touch of Christmas charm. Christmas LED lights can also be placed around the wreath to add even more sparkle. Bring some glamour to your Christmas decorations with this simple tutorial to create your own sparkling Christmas Wreath.


• Polystyrene Wreath
• Mini Pine Cones
• Crystal Acrylic Stones
• PVA Glue
• Silver Glitter Spray 
• Ribbon, for the bow

Step 1 - Choose the size of your polystyrene wreath. It can be as big or as small as you like. If you're opting for a larger wreath more accessories such as pine cones and acrylic stones will be needed. 

Step 2 - Spray the polystyrene wreath with silver glitter spray and leave to dry.

Step 3 - Once the wreath is dry get four pine cones and stick them in equal distance onto the wreath. Fill the rest of the wreath with the rest of the pine cones. 

Step 4 - Begin sticking the crystal acrylic gems onto the wreath in between the pine cones using PVA glue. 

Step 5 - Once the gems are dry get a ribbon of choice and make a bow. Using PVA glue, stick the ribbon onto the top of the wreath as shown.

For more creative Christmas DIY ideas check out the Harveys Furniture Blog.

Have a lovely weekend!

Natalia xo

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