25 January 2017

How to keep your flowers fresh for longer with Michelle Buck

Following an amazing floral workshop I attended, presented by Tesco's Head Florist Michelle Buck and leading floristry designer, Jamie Aston, here are some of Michelle's Top Tips to help ‘Keep Love Alive’ this Valentine’s Day, ensuring your flowers stay looking their best for longer:

1. Check for freshness - Always check the water that the flowers are standing in, it must be fresh and not smelly or gungy. Check the leaves on the flowers and make sure they are not yellowing or wilting
2. Give them a trim - Once you have removed your flowers from the packaging remove lower leaves and recut stems with a sharp pair of scissors
3. Cut the stems - Cut your flower stems at a 45degree angle. This creates a larger surface area for the flowers to drink
4. Use a clean vase - Always make certain you clean your vases – dirty vases harbour bacteria, a simple wash in hot soapy water and a little bleach will eliminate the bacteria
5. Give them a nice home - Never leave your flowers in direct sunlight or in draughts
6. Keep away from fruit - Keep fresh flowers away from ripening fruit, it gives off a gas called ethylene and will cause your flowers to lose their longevity
7. Keep your head up - If your roses ‘neck’ or bend after a couple of days, they could have an airlock in the stem. Simply cut the stem and place into boiling water for about 30 seconds. Then recut the stem as the hot water will have damaged the ends and place in to cold water. This should destroy the airlock and you should notice the heads lift after around 30 minutes
8. Avoiding stains - Try to remove lily stamens so they do not stain furniture or clothing. If you do manage to get lily pollen on your clothes do not rub it, simply take a piece of cello tape and dab the pollen away
9. Bleach for longevity - Did you know that Gerberas are quite susceptible to bacteria.
If you do not have suitable flower food you can use a tiny amount of household bleach in the water.

All images are my own. 

Rachel Winham's Interior Design Showroom Launch

I attended the wonderful Rachel Winham's Interior Design showroom launch in Hampstead. Rachel started her career designing luxury properties in the Caribbean before returning to the UK to work with a well-known London based designer. Rachel founded Rachel Winham Interior Design in 2011 and has since built a talented and dedicated team. Rachel Winham Interior Design has a passion for creating beautiful interiors which are tailored around their clients vision. Their approach is both personal and professional and the team ensures that each and every project is seamlessly designed and managed from concept to completion. Design projects include private homes, luxury developments and turn-key solutions for show homes, in and around central London. During the launch I could see Rachel's distinctive classic chic style and uncompromised detail portrayed within the interior of the showroom.


18 January 2017

Traditional Craftsmanship & Modern Styles Come Together to Give You the Best Sleep Ever

Craftsmanship and traditional methods of design are hugely popular in 2017. This is because there is a lot of skill, passion and care taken when designing products of such high standards. Hudson Furniture is one of these top quality brands where beautiful design is produced by a family run business. This is why I love family run businesses, the quality is always exceptional. The same applies to family run restaurants, well, the ones I've been to anyway. Specialising in the finest mahogany, environmentally sustained from a plantation in Java, Hudson furniture excels in creating beautifully hand-crafted furniture at great prices. Comfort, longevity and durability are the ingredients which make these beds great. There's a wonderful collection, with so many different styles to choose from which includes a beautiful collection of headboards too. The collection includes, the classic French provincial beds, timeless sleigh beds and contemporary four poster beds, which ooze character and detail. 

Hudson furniture beds will suitably fit most bedrooms wanting to portray style and sophistication. 


13 January 2017

Winter Wonderland fun!

It's been so cold lately in London that I have to style my accessories appropriately. I love a bobble hat because of it practicality and style. Hope you've all had a great week. What are your favourite accessories? To see more of the fun click here! 

Photography: Nicole Engelmann 


6 January 2017

Staying in with Moonpig

My Christmas Eve was spent at home with the best Christmas Hamper from Moonpig. I usually celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family and tasty treats along with a good movie. My Moonpig Christmas hamper was more than perfect to celebrate the Christmas weekend. Hendrick's Gin and delicious brownies and muffins from Meg Rivers were devoured that evening, followed by a luxuriously scented bath with bath bombs from Miss Patisserie which left my skin feeling silky soft. The evening was then finalised with a candle lit setting with Lily-Flame candles. It was pure luxury and one of nicest Christmas Eve evenings. Thank you Moonpig! :)



5 January 2017

Super glamorous Supercuts

I tried out the new Supercuts salon in Archway, North London just before Christmas and I have to say it's much needed in that area. People were popping in every five minutes asking for appointments. There's a nice young vibe in the salon and the girls are really friendly and definitely make you feel at home. I arrived mid morning and the lovely Rachel got started on my hair. I already had a nice blonde balayage in my hair but it had grown out over two months so we opted to create a lighter balayage. 

As I have naturally dark hair it's always a long process going blonde, so I was there for quite a while. During this time the girls didn't hesitate in asking if I was okay or if I needed anything to drink. One lovely lady even got me a bag of malteasers which was just what I needed at the time. I love the warm, community vibe I felt from being there and watching the customers arrive and leave happy with their end results. 

After the bleach had developed, I got my hair washed and treated. It smelt fabulous! Rachel then layered my hair and made me look super glamorous. I was then treated to a fabulous shellac polish and my nails looked super sparkly and perfect for Christmas. Overall it was a lovely experience and I don't think I've ever felt as glamorous as I did walking out of Supercuts. Thank you guys! 


4 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. My Christmas holiday primarily consisted of hot chocolate with cream, food and fun with the family. I always get excited whenever my son is on school holidays because I get to spend time at home with both him and Sofia. My first New Year's post has to be one that relives the Christmas that went by so quickly. I had so much fun in December and here are some photographs taken by the wonderful Nicole Engelmann highlighting this.


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