Style Inspiration for a Monday Morning in March

Madderneine Cake by jamieanne

Madderneine Cake a photo by jamieanne on Flickr.

A gorgeous combination of colour 

scan: ‘marc cain’ vogue, march

Welcome to my blog I will be blogging on all things I find inspiring and I hope that in some way they will inspire you too. Spring is in the air, ‘maybe not in the weather’ but florals, especially watercoloured inspired, are making a comeback this spring in fashion and interiors.

  • Pink florals are delicate and feminine and flatter most skin tones. Pink works well with the colour grey.

  • Red florals are powerful and bold. Red apparel can be beautifully striking when paired with a red accessory or even a red lipstick. Red can also promote ones confidence. Red works well with the colours white and black.

  • White florals are peaceful and fresh. White florals are fashionable for bridal dresses in western societies. White works well with most colours especially blue and orange.

  • Yellow florals are radiant and blissful. Yellow works best with the colours white and black and also a touch of green.

  • Green florals are fresh and calming. Green apparel is highly complimented with green accessories.

  • Blue florals are fresh and calming.  Blue works best with the colours white and orange.

  • Purple & Lilac florals are vibrant and romantic. Purple works best with the colours yellow and grey. Purple apparel is highly complimented with gold or silver accessories.

Floral fashion

image: vogue, march
image: elle, march

Watercoloured inspired 

image: elle, march
scan: ‘chanel’ vogue, march
scan: ‘alberta ferretti’ vogue, march


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