Beauty Inspiration: {beautiful bronzing}

How is your afternoon going? It’s so sunny here, it’s lovely!
Having a beautiful bronzed complexion is a big make up trend for summer 2011. It looks fresh & healthy and so in with the season! There is a huge rise in fashion shoots highlighting the ‘tanned’ look. I will be posting about this next : )

Karmen Pedaru for Vogue Nippon, March 2011

As i have previously blogged, my favorite self tanner is ‘Clarins delicious self tanning cream’ and I also love Dior’s Bronzer’s! The best way to get the gorgeous bronzed look is by keeping make up to a minimum. Do not use bright colours, stick to matte lipsticks and nudes. The same applies for the nails, keep them natural looking by applying a nude shade. Guerlain summer collection is perfect for this look. Dior also has a fantastic collection:


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