Becca Cosmetics: {the falling angel collection}

Becca is a relatively new Australian make up brand in the U.K., launched in 2005, which specialises in creating beautiful skin and a clear complexion with the correct use of their make up products. Becca has various luxurious make up looks which all aim to highlight the face and enhance your natural beauty. I personally love the Beach Tint, it is gorgeous, and a definite standout unlike the usual lip gloss and lipstick. It provides a natural and long lasting finish like the rest of Becca’s collection.

“Fairy-tale imagery comes alive with the Fallen Angel Collection from BECCA.”

Becca’s latest collection ‘Fallen Angel’ is gorgeous! It is totally flawless, elegantly feminine and includes the glamorous smokey eye.

“Heavenly looking, light-dappled skin casts an eternal spell, while dramatically dark eyes dance with wonder and mystery.  Cheeks are tinged with desire in a soft tawny peach as honeyed lips tempt and allure.”

“Unmistakably wicked, indisputably beautiful.”

{images: Becca}


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