Design Inspiration: {tralhão furniture}

I have just come across the most amazing furniture collection by Tralhão Furniture. A beautiful mix between traditional and contemporary, these pieces of furniture can complement various room schemes. Historical and cultural elements have been implemented into these modern designs.

The Alfama  Unique Edition has taken its name from the magnificent and magical city of Alfama in Lisbon and has sourced inspiration from the national culture rooted in Lisbon such as the Portuguese Tiles.

Interior Inspiration: {rustic, earthy & exotic} collectionCastelo
Description from the designers: “Immersed in the desire for a “sudden sense of making”, the Epiphany collection aims through design to represent a new “sensory urbanity” inspired in historical, cultural and artistic identity elements. “A city of porcelain was created”, a magical setting where the pace of the built elements become exuberant through brightness, design, color, but mainly by its own characteristics of a changing reality in constant transformation and evolution.”

images via: Design Milk


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