My Top Tips: {for an amazing pregnancy} ♥

I have recently been asked what products would i recommend for and after pregnancy by a few people so I’ve decided to do a run down on my personal best tips before, during and after this happy time.

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Pregnancy and having a baby is a life changing experience. It’s a good thing to start taking care of your body during as well as after. Things to take into consideration are:
1. Your diet
2. Your fitness
3 .Body products

Lets begin with your diet… The body goes through drastic changes during the different trimesters. You put on weight, your breasts enlarge and your hormones can become unbalanced resulting in pigment changes on your skin and an increase in hair. There are products that can help, firstly it is good to take folic acid vitamins. You can take this before you become pregnant as it is good for you and your baby. There are other multi vitamins that are good. I took Pregnacare Vitabiotics to help make sure i was getting the correct amount of vitamins needed for me and my baby as well as a healthy diet of fish and meat, fruit and veg. I stayed away from fast-foods and sugary food as these are highly unhealthy for both you and the baby. Also if you eat healthily during pregnancy it will be much easier to get your shape back after the baby is born. It can be difficult eating certain foods especially if you have bad morning sickness. The best thing to do is see what your body can take and enjoys and try to avoid foods that make you physically sick. I found drinking Fennel tea really relaxing. 

Fitness… I don’t recommend strenuous exercises or even going to the gym whilst pregnant. What i do recommend is walking and swimming. It is important to keep active and it can also help with labour. Just walking can do so much and it actually makes you feel refreshed and more energetic. Also keeping energetic after birth will help your energy levels, health and all round well being.

Body products… Now here comes the good stuff! Pregnancy is a great excuse to pamper yourself and treat yourself to some luxurious products. There are so many creams and body oils aimed at pregnant women. I used Mama Mio skin care products. The smell is quite nice and i found the products perfect and yes they did work. I got no stretch marks and in the space of a year went back to a UK size 8. I used them mainly in the evenings before bed as the work better during the hours you sleep. I used Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter and Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil  on my belly. I also used Mama Mio Boob Tube. To help prevent stretch marks on your breasts wearing a maternity bra is vital. Mama Mio products are amazing, they also have firming creams that are brilliant to use after birth.

My beautiful son 

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Disclaimer: All reviews discussed on this blog are my personal and honest opinion.


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