Beauty Inspiration: {beautiful eyes}

When it comes to applying make-up I find the eyes to be the most difficult. What eyeshadow should I wear? Should I do the smokey eye? Eyeliner, no eyeliner? The general rule is when you have a smokey eye, you should complement it with nude lips, and red lips look better with no smokey eye. I personally think that you should go with what looks good on you. Maybe the smokey eye and the red lips look amazing on you, and that’s all that matters. 🙂

It’s good to keep up to date with the latest trends as they are a source of inspiration for new looks. Here are a few amazing techniques and products I have come across. Tell me what you think?!



Paperself‘s amazing lashes are inspired by the Chinese art of papercutting. I find them to be so unique. each lash also contains Chinese symbolic meanings. Paperself is available on the wonder website Zuneta.

{video: youtube}

How to get a great Smokey Eye…

Here is a tutorial from MAC Artist Caitlin C.

{video: youtube}


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