My Reason For Blogging!

My blog this month has made its one year anniversary. The year has gone past so quick but it has been a creative one. I have always been a creative individual and was highly fond of Art and English Literature whilst at school. I have also always found that art and writing is a fabulous way of expressing my thoughts. After a couple of career changes, such as my two years of studying law at university I decided to invest my time into something I enjoy doing and that I have a passion for. That’s when I decided to study Interior Design. I am extremely passionate about the design process from start to finish and the History of Architecture and so much more. I then began my blog as a form of a library to hold all my inspirations to do with fabulous design and things I like. From my blog my passion for writing returned and I now write articles for a fantastic online magazine called Creative Boom and will be blogging also for mydeco, which I am highly excited about. I am so glad my blog is still going after a year and I hope it will continue to provide great inspiration for many more.

Natalia xo

Two articles I have written for Creative Boom:

Is Street Art The New Voice?

Recession and Reminiscing the Golden Era


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