Colour Inspiration: {pots of paint}

When it comes to choosing paint, my personal favourites are eco friendly paints which lack the dangerous VOC emissions contained in ordinary paint brands. Pots of Paint contain 100% natural ingredients such as such as beeswax, milk casein and linseed oil.

“Brain-child of Edward Bulmer, high-profile Architectural Historian and advocate of green living, the Pots of Paint colour range was inspired by his restoration work in historic houses. The walls of this kitchen, painted in ‘Laylock’, demonstrate perfectly the versatility of Bulmer’s paints, coupling elegant, traditional paint with a clean, modern setting. The dusky, powdery tones of the paint are the perfect foil for the classic cool of the kitchen design.

“The revival of natural colour.”

Pots of Paint have created a
range of 50 colours using natural plant and mineral pigments.

{images via: Pots of Paint}


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