Guest Post: {stylish blend of glam modern & classic traditional}

By Eva Stephen.
Many modern-day interior decorators, amateur and professional, agree that mixing styles gives a very special, attractive dynamic look to a home. One of these home stylists created her 80/20 rule where she allows a deviation of 20% from the rest of the home’s unified style. For example, that means that a glam modern home can be 80% modern and 20% traditional. Not only is this union of different styles allowed, but it is becoming more and more popular. Home decoration enthusiasts have discovered that this fresh and unusual blend makes a home look like it came right out of a home décor magazine.

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Exercising creative blending.

In order to get the right balance between the modern and the traditional, you need to spend a lot of time looking at what other people are doing and informing yourself about different styles. Reading blogs, checking out furniture on or any other reliable furniture provider and talking to home décor experts is a process that should last a certain period and get you ready to start exercising what you learnt.

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“One detail” rule.
There is actually no rule by this name but it’s generally agreed upon that one different and attention-grabbing detail is enough to completely change the appearance of a room.

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In a room with classy white leather sofas and armchairs, serious polished glass table and conservative art in classic picture frames, the only decoration in the room being a vase with fresh flowers, a white brick wall will come as a very refreshing detail. If you are brave enough and ready for bold moves, you can even go for different coloured bricks, like bright green or purple.

Colours make a world of difference.

Colours offer endless possibilities for a home decorator. They are a source of endless inspiration. Depending on the colour of wall paint, chair and sofa upholstery and the shade of wooden flooring you choose, you can end up with radically different types of room. This is an example of successful blend of the modern and traditional using the right combination of colours:

{image via: designshuffle}

The beautiful classic bed with a floral headboard design is perfectly complimented with modern curtains and the nice mix of dark blue wall and green rug. The big window that makes it seem like trees are inside the bedroom is a perfect addition to an already harmonious setting.

The risks of mixing styles.

Inexperienced decorators are in danger of overcrowding a room with objects, which in the end creates a sense of having a tasteless and awkwardly decorated space. Experienced stylists, on the other hand, match seemingly unmatched details and end up with a delightful creation.

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Futuristic table design is toned down by classic pink armchairs, while green and blue walls give the right balance to white furniture and rug.

You can mix modern animal-print rugs with traditional Oriental carpets from my rug store and still get a very good effect, especially if you choose the right wall paint and wall decoration. You can mix unusually shaped wooden or steel furniture with luxurious rustic furniture, adding vases, sculptures, paintings and chandeliers to properly accompany your furniture selection.

As I mentioned earlier, the key factor to your success will be experience, either through watching how others do it, or through mistakes that you’ll make while experimenting in your own home.

{image via: home-designing}


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