Home Decor: {5 must-have accessories for your home}

Home Decor – The 5 Must-have Accessories for Your Home by Jennifer.

When decorating your home you spend many hours choosing the perfect paint, wallpaper and carpets, but you also need to put the same amount of thought into purchasing accessories and home-ware. Here are the top 5 must-have accessories for your home.

Bathroom Comforts
The bathroom is a place where you should be able to sit back, relax and indulge in luxury that is nothing short of divine. To create this atmosphere you need a completely ordered and organised bathroom so you simply must have a mirrored cabinet on your wall. As well as being a place where you can store and hide-away all of your hygiene products and bubble bath they are fabulous for creating illusions of space – perfect for a small and compact bathroom.

To create an ambience of comfort the addition of quality towels is a must. They must be soft and fluffy so they provide you with the warm, fuzzy feeling of ultimate relaxation after stepping out of a delightful bubble bath. When picking your towels take into account the colours of your bathroom, ensure that they either match or contrast with the tones within your tiles. Bear in mind you can never go wrong with a set of gorgeous white towels – they certainly bring a refreshing aura to your home.

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The Lounge of Luxury
You will have probably spent an awful lot of time and energy finding the comfiest couch in your price range. You may still want to add splash of glamour with a hint of excitement to your interior decor to bring an air of class into your lounge – simply add a set of beautiful cushions.

To add a funky contrast to your home lay down a rug with an eye-catching pattern to really bring your interior to life. Rugs can be any shape, style or size so you’re bound to find one that looks sensational inside of your home. If your lounge has creamy coloured walls add a rug with a fascinating and magnificent pattern on it to inject a little bit of excitement and glorious beauty into your lounge.

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A Desirable Dining Room
The dining room is where you will do the majority of your entertaining, for dinner parties at least. This room needs to be elegant with a welcoming yet high-class atmosphere. To achieve this you need to dress your gorgeous dining table with a beautiful table cloth and table runner. A floral pattern is traditional and never goes out of style, however for a more modern look you should stick to the rule of minimalism; only use up to two tones. If you dress your table fabulously you’ll impress your guests every time they visit.

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So the 5 accessories that would look fabulous in your home are;
1.      Mirrored cabinets
2.      Luxurious towels
3.      Classy cushions
4.      Regal rugs
5.      Terrific table decoration

Adding these accessories to your house will give it a lovely homely feeling that isn’t found anywhere else. So make sure you make your home the best it can be by making it look and feel amazing!

Jennifer is a seasoned homeware writer who has been writing for print and web media for over 10 years. She is passionate about finding the most luxurious home accessories like those found at christy-towels.


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