Guest Post: Interior Inspiration {6 ways to go retro with interiors}

Retro is in, an homage to times gone by and a nod to the days before products were made to be replaced often. Sturdy curved fridges, smoothly finished appliances and even those marvelous Bakelite telephones are all reproduced or renovated to look their very best in a modern home.

Retro Sleep

If you like retro ideas but do not want the entire house to look old-fashioned, perhaps you can constrain your retro styling to just one or two rooms. A bedroom is the perfect place for such indulgence, as the retro fashion lends itself beautifully to bedroom décor. Concentrate on textures and patterns when choosing fabrics for bedding and soft furnishings, looking through old photograph albums for inspiration. Pop Art pictures and designs can be used to good effect adding a unique retro feel to your room.

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Retro Vignette

Exchange your modern telephone for an old-fashioned one. You will soon learn to appreciate the solidity and comfort experienced when using these solid and sturdy pieces. Finish off the vignette by adding small black and white photographs, framed seaside postcards and other mementos from the desired decade.

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Retro Walls

If you cannot afford, or simply do not want, to change all your modern and contemporary furniture, you can add a retro feel with wallpaper and paint. Look through old photographs, study older television shows and even pop down to your local library to study advertisements in old magazines and newspapers. Choose bright colours, splash on a lively chevron border and transform your room without changing one piece of furniture!

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Retro Colour

For a vibrant and unusual look redecorate a room in black and white monochrome, with touches of just one bright primary colour. This unique style calls up visions of the bright graphics that were the forerunner of the modern methods of animation and caricature rendering. Think Andy Warhol, the heyday of comic books and the beginning of the technological revolution that has swept the world over the last four decades. For very nice retro bedspreads you can check: yorkshirelinen

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Retro Texture

Shag pile rug and textured cushions give a modern room a depth of interest while adding a hint of retro, conjuring up images of free love and heady independence. Think of vehicles decked out as love machines, carpeted and painted with vibrant colours and delightful textures; of times when young couples fought to change old unfair systems that no longer worked and of times of great change throughout the world – this is the reason to inject true retro fervour into your home! For textured cushions you can check: occa-home

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Retro Optical Illusions

Zany, zigzag patterns, swirling hypnotic circles and sharp geometric tessellations recall a vibrant time when the ‘establishment’ was rocked to its core and society changed dramatically. These funky designs can be incorporated into a room with bedding, carpets, wallpaper or even as a picture hung on the wall!

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Clashing colours, signs of unconventionality and the winds of change: all of these are signs of the sixties and seventies. Only now can we appreciate the courage that it took that generation of youngsters to fight for change. Celebrate their achievements by adding a touch of retro chic to your home!

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