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The world of design is thriving and I always find it exciting when I’m introduced to new products. It’s important to be aware and up to date with the latest materials used within interiors and I have a huge interest for new products and I’m always on the lookout for new materials and finishes to use in design. I recently went to a fabulous event hosted by British Gypsum where I came across three innovating new products which help transform any space into a multi functional area. Rooms Made For You have launched three new exciting products for the home. As an aspiring interior designer and a mother to a little boy I was instantly captivated by the Thistle Magnetic Plaster which transforms any wall into a magnetised surface. You may be asking, how does magnetic plaster work and how can it contribute to the versatility of a room? It provides freedom and flexibility to display your photographs, re-arrange anything you wish to display on a wall without causing damage because blu-tack and pins are not needed. It’s perfect for children’s bedrooms or playrooms where you can create an interactive wall, where they can play. It’s also fabulous for a study as it provide the perfect base for your mood boards, notes and inspirational images. It’s also interactive and combines well with specialist paints such as blackboard and whiteboard, making this perfect for a child’s bedroom or play area.

Another great product is the Lifestyle Wall which is a new innovative plasterboard able to support an incredible 15kg of weight from only a single fixing which doesn’t require drilling or wall plugs. It was pretty amazing witnessing the strength of this plasterboard and knowing it can support a large plasma television. This superbly gives total flexibility to any new house project.

The Silent Floor is equally as impressive. I was given a brief experience of how the Silent Floor system works and the quality of the sound insulation it’s able to achieve. I was quite impressed at the difference. The Silent Floor is able to eliminate sound coming from other rooms in the house and impressively also mutes the base heard when playing loud music.

I’m so fascinated and intrigued with new products currently on the market and these three new exciting products from From Rooms Made For You is definitely a highlight of that!

Images: {Rooms Made For You}

Styling: {Becky Clarke}


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