Wilsonart at BlogTourNYC and ICFF

During my trip to New York City with Modenus I was wonderfully introduced to great sponsors of BlogtourNYC, one in particular being Wilsonart. Wilsonart are a sustainable family funded company which produces beautifully designed countertops and walls. They are renowned for revolutionising laminated surfaces. There surfaces are stunningly functional and transformative. What is especially attractive is the masculine take on some of the surfaces. There is such a wide variety of interestingly designed countertops for both the kitchen and bathroom. Not only do I love good design but I get overly excited when I’m introduced to new products. 

During Blogtour we visited ICFF where Wilsonart had joined forces with the Industrial Design students of Appalachian State University to create a chair that celebrated the beauty, culture and history of the Appalachian region of North Carolina. The competition entailed students using laminate surfacing materials and it proved to be a good experience and engagement with creativity for these students. The overall winner, Samantha Lily, was awarded with a scholarship for their design. Below is the winning design, ‘Blossom’

Here are some more wonderful designs and inspiration from Wilsonart. 

Images via appstate and Wilsonart

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