Trip to London

One thing that I love about having the underground at my doorstep is that I can jump on a train and get into London within half an hour. I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy and I do feel restless at times especially as sleepless nights are the norm now and having a 6 year old to run around after can make you feel exhausted by late afternoon.

Although I was feeling quite sluggish after doing the school run I decided to spend my day in London with a nice trip to South Kensington.

I have many favourite places in London but South Kensington has to be in my top five. Aside from having almost every museum in London within a 5 minute radius of one another there are side streets bustling with gorgeous boutiques, ranging from florists and hair salons to cute cafes and quirky eateries.

I feel so energised and stimulated when I’m in an area where culture, art and history combine. The architecture alone is stunningly perfect.

Below are some images I took during my walk.


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