Sleep or more on Valentine’s Day

Sleep. One of the most important day-to-day things to do in order to function. Sleep deprivation is highly common and has adverse affects on people. As Valentine’s Day approaches an interesting subject is sleep compatibility. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and I personally feel that sleep compatibility plays a huge part in determining a successful relationship. In general, most couples require compatibility in different aspects of life in order to work but many forget sleep compatibility. Are you an early nighter and your partner a night owl for example? Would you rather fall asleep with the television on or have it switched off? Do you prefer to cuddle your partner to sleep or would you rather your own space in bed.

When Bensons for Beds did a survey and asked the public about their partners’ sleeping habits, 49% of you described living with a snorer, 30% reported that their partner would steal the duvet during the night and 3% have had to leave the bed.

Also passion under the sheets vary too. A higher percentage of men and women prefer sleep over sex but a few do actually prefer some passion before falling asleep. (Something to bare in mind this Valentine’s).

The compatibility I share with my partner is quite good. We’re both sleep huggers and we enjoy a giggle just before we fall asleep. We’ve just had a baby, so sleep is very important to us at the moment. We usually watch something in bed before falling asleep which is nice, however, I do like a calm, relaxed ambience to fall asleep to. We both have our quirks, one being, I find it quite amusing placing my cold hands or feet on him, which at times, but not always, he finds quite funny.

Images courtesy of Bensons for Beds

How compatible are your sleeping patterns with that of your partner? Do you have a beautiful sleep or hardly any?

These stats are really interesting and you can take them on board when planning a sexy night with your partner. Does he like the television off? Then switch it off, if only for one night. 😉

For more regarding sleep patterns check out Bensons for Beds blog.

 Natalia Jane xo

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