Brabantia: Love NewIcon

To celebrate landmark sales of 50 million Pedal Bins, global interior design brand Brabantia introduced their newIcon Pedal Bin range with Plastic Whale at Exclusively Housewares trade show last week. I was invited to the launch event and it was wonderful being present at this worldwide launch. 

Brabantia has collaborated with Plastic Whale, the first plastic fishing company in the world and together they have made a collection of stylish bins which are made from 40% high-grade recycled materials, and after use, 98% of the bin and packaging is recyclable. What is also fantastic, is that for every newIcon Pedal Bin that is sold, Brabantia will support Plastic Whale to ‘fish’ more plastic out of the waters across the world, ready for recycling. Plastic Whale is a social enterprise with a mission to make the world’s waters plastic-free and create value from plastic waste. It started five years ago with a single challenge to build a boat made of plastic waste. Today, they have a fleet of six design boats made from Amsterdam’s Canal Plastic. 

This beautiful collection, out in October, is available in 3, 5, 12, 20 and 30 litre sizes and the bins come in a selection of thirteen colours including three, which are inspired by the colours found in nature; Daisy Yellow, Pink Clay and Moss Green.

Brabantia and Plastic Whale have a fantastic incentive with the launch of the newIcon collection and just as Brabantia’s UK sales director, David Slater said: “Doing good is feeling good. By buying a newIcon Pedal Bin, consumers will be helping to reduce the plastic pollution in our waters. We want to enrich Brabantia consumers’ lives with beautifully designed products that are a pleasure to use, whilst being a good choice for the environment too. At Brabantia we care about what we make and the impact it has on our planet, and we’re proud to design recyclability into all our products. We are moving towards 100% recycling within the next generation; the newIcon Pedal Bins take us one step closer to this goal.”

Brabantia is at the forefront of designing recyclability into their products. This is a positive and wonderful movement in design. 



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