Lunch at The Real Greek with Tonia Buxton

Greek food is indeed delicious, so I was only too excited when I was invited to lunch at the popular London restaurant group, The Real Greek, with Tonia Buxon, to celebrate the launch of The Real Greek cook book. The Real Greek have decided to share their fabulous trade secrets and recipes in a wonderfully presented cook book. 

I savoured most of their popular, and authentic dishes such as the split pea fava, which was super delicious and the grilled calamari (my favourite). Tasty recipes such as prawns with feta, dolmades, slow roasted pork belly, red mullet parcels, stuffed cabbage leaves and much more are all revealed in the book. The book also covers meze’s, starters, mains, deserts, sides and salads, plus garnish and sauces.

Greek food is inspired by many different cultures that now shape modern Greece. The Real Greek cook book conveys the cuisine of modern Greece and reflects the passion that The Real Greek restaurant has for food, family and life. My experience at the restaurant was absolutely delightful, relaxing and a culinary experience into the Greek culture. 

The Real Greek cook book will allow anyone that enjoys Greek food to bring the Greek experience into their homes, creating restaurant standard food to share with friends and family.


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