Our first nine months with baby Sofia

Nine months ago I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl. Labour was pretty crazy and I ended up giving birth in triage. It’s been an amazing nine months with Sofia and the highlight of our day is waking up to her smile every morning. Life hasn’t changed much. I think when you have your second child they end up adapting themselves around your life rather than the other way round. We’re very lucky that she’s a very content baby and that I’ve been able to still blog and attend events.

After her birth my partner took two weeks paternity leave which helped immensely. I think the first month is important to form some sort of routine, where you bond with your baby and rest when you can. It’s important that the parents take care of themselves, freshen up when baby is sleeping and eat without skipping meals. I feel that if you’re okay then your baby will be okay. Babies have a very close connection with their parents, especially their mothers. They sense anxiety, stress and restlessness, this is why it’s important to take care of yourselves when you’re bringing up a baby.

Sleep patterns are quite unpredictable as she can sleep through the night one day and keep us awake three days in a row for the rest of the week. The best way we have managed this is by being okay with it and not stressing out. We usually wake up to her gurgles and bubble blowing at 4am and we actually start laughing rather than worrying that we’re not getting enough sleep.

I began weening Sofia at six months. Until six months she was solely breastfed. I found breastfeeding much easier the second time round. I did struggle with my first and although I breast fed him also, it was very uncomfortable for me. At the moment, I’m giving Sofia three meals a day; for breakfast, Aptamil multigrain cereal, and for lunch and dinner I’m using Nutribaby Food Steamer and Blender by Babymoov to steam lots of delicious fruit and vegetables. It’s quite a spacious steamer and I usually steam a little more for all of us to eat.

Sofia’s nine months now and we’ve just come back from her first holiday which was amazing. My sons on school holidays at the moment so I’m enjoying both of their companies whilst balancing work and home-life until he goes back to school.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer.

Kisses, Natalia Jane xo


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