Sofa Trends – 2017

With 2016 almost coming to an end, I’ve decided to explore the forthcoming 2017 trend which will be making a huge impression within our home and workspace. 2016 was a fun and vibrant year with style inspiration from Rio and the Amazon in Brazil being a forefront of trends in both fashion and interiors. Last year I visited Kips Bay during New York Design Week and this was a great example of implementing Brazilian influence within interiors from colours and prints.

2017 is going to be a very different year within the world of design. Due to the increasing use of social media and constantly being on the internet, next year sees a healthy shift towards opaque materials to create a sense of privacy and also minimalistic interiors and escapism, influenced by Scandinavian design.

This will have a great influence on design with many British brands taking on this trend and implementing it within their design, such as The Lounge Co. with their family friendly fabrics and world-renowned craftsmanship. Their sofas and chairs fit in beautifully with the fore coming Scandinavian trend.

The Georgia Sofa Snuggler is perfect in a minimalistic and natural space. It works wonderfully with the Scandinavian trend and provides a warm ambience within the space its in.

Embracing the opulent jewel colours that will also be trending next year, with the Noah chair will provide a regal atmosphere in any room.

This wonderful shade of Green also complements a Scandinavian styled interior, giving the room a wonderful wintery christmas feel. Jewel green also makes for a wonderful accent colour, which can be achieved through accessories such as cushions or a chair, like the one below.

Below is some inspiration of what you might expect to see in 2017, including jewel tones, opulent accent colours and furnishings which provide warmth and glamour. The Sophia sofa provides a neutral backdrop for adding attractive accessories. 

One of my favourite colours for 2017 can be seen conveyed in the Poppy sofa!

A couple of the most popular colours for 2017 will be flat orange and denim blue.

The Lounge Co is highly on trend with what we’re expecting to see in 2017. They’re a new label offering quality, British-designed and made furniture (from the people behind Parker Knoll, G-Plan and Duresta, no less) that’s contemporary, comfortable and covetable. They have a curated range of 12 sofas, 6 chairs and 6 footstalls all available in over 110 fabric and colour options. 


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