Candlelight for Winter’s Nights

Winter is gradually setting in with frosty cool mornings, and candlelit evenings. Trees are shedding their beautiful autumn leaves and blankets are keeping us warm at night. Creating a cosy atmosphere in the home during winter is important. It’s just as import for kids as it is for adults. There are many ways in which you can decorate your home with accessories to make it feel extra cosy and inviting. Implementing wonderful soft throws and blankets always work well and adding ambient lighting such as candles provide the perfect winter setting. 

India May Home have released a gorgeous collection of tealight and candle holders for winter. They’re great for styling your home ready for Christmas.

Glass Candle Holders

The fun of these candleholders comes from their flexibility! The glass box shape of the Nord collection is ideal for holding pillar candles, whilst the special iron supports of the Nordic collection are designed to hold dinner candles, but you’re not restricted to these two options. We like to put objects in the centre of ours to create a pretty display, swapping the contents depending on the season: crunchy leaves for autumn, pinecones and faux snow for winter, eggs and feathers for spring. 

Tealight Holders

Display these tealight holders as a set or mix and match several colours together. You have a choice of two sizes and three finishes: Mercury Silver, Black or Clear. Each one is the perfect size to hold a tea light or votive candle.

Star Tealight Holders

Specially commissioned by Karen for India May Home, these iron stars light up beautifully when a tealight is placed inside. They look great in pairs when placed on a windowsill, or strung up from the ceiling using the strong metal loop on the tip. 

Sutara Star Candle Holder

This is a star shaped candle holder in a generous size, ideal for filling with small objects or weaving Christmas foliage around the top! Sutara has space for five tall candles and is made from glass and iron. Each one is made by hand, and therefore has its own small imperfections and character. 

Safi Star Tealight Holder

This star-shaped piece is made from iron and glass, with a rounded iron well in the middle to hold a tealight. If you wanted an extra bright light you could fit another five candles in the spaces around the edge, but we prefer to fill it with decorative objects like pebbles, ornaments or pine cones.



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