Super glamorous Supercuts

I tried out the new Supercuts salon in Archway, North London just before Christmas and I have to say it’s much needed in that area. People were popping in every five minutes asking for appointments. There’s a nice young vibe in the salon and the girls are really friendly and definitely make you feel at home. I arrived mid morning and the lovely Rachel got started on my hair. I already had a nice blonde balayage in my hair but it had grown out over two months so we opted to create a lighter balayage. 

As I have naturally dark hair it’s always a long process going blonde, so I was there for quite a while. During this time the girls didn’t hesitate in asking if I was okay or if I needed anything to drink. One lovely lady even got me a bag of malteasers which was just what I needed at the time. I love the warm, community vibe I felt from being there and watching the customers arrive and leave happy with their end results. 

After the bleach had developed, I got my hair washed and treated. It smelt fabulous! Rachel then layered my hair and made me look super glamorous. I was then treated to a fabulous shellac polish and my nails looked super sparkly and perfect for Christmas. Overall it was a lovely experience and I don’t think I’ve ever felt as glamorous as I did walking out of Supercuts. Thank you guys! 



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