Restaurant review: TRATRA, The Boundary Hotel

Tratra, 2-4 Boundary Street, E2 7DD (020 7729 1051). Starters are £6 – £16 and main courses for 1 or 2 people to share range from £15 – £22. Opened May 2017.

Tratra is a meat and charcuterie focused restaurant in Shoreditch’s Boundary Hotel.

French butchery master and chef Stéphane Reynaud has taken over the basement of The Boundary Hotel transforming it into a delightful restaurant, wine bar and dining room area. The interior evokes stylish glamour with red velvet chairs alongside warm and inviting lighting. The fact that the kitchen can be seen through a large glass window is something I love seeing in restaurants. 

There is one dish on the menu at Tratra, a new French cuisine restaurant in East London’s Shoreditch which reflects Reynaud’s childhood. It’s the Cochon de Lait costing £19, which consists of suckling pig crepinette, dates, tarragon and creamy mash. It is full bodied and robust in flavour melting in your mouth alongside the delicious mash. 

 Suckling pig crepinette,
dates, tarragon, creamy

Photograph: Natalia Jane for Fleur de Londres

Although this is Stéphane’s Raynauds third restaurant, this is his first restaurant outside of Paris. His casual cuisine is largely inspired by recipes from the Ardeche region in France, where he spent his childhood. Having grown up in a family of pig farmers and butchers, Stéphane naturally places a huge emphasis on meat and charcuterie. 

Spring vegetables with
tomato, sweet chilli,
apple and pistachio sauce.

Photograph: Natalia Jane for Fleur de Londres

Organic hen eggs, herb
mayonnaise, toasted
sesame, crispy shallots.

Photograph: Natalia Jane for Fleur de Londres

Hanger steak, herb
and snail butter,
panisse, shallots

Photograph: Natalia Jane for Fleur de Londres

Alongside the meat dishes there is a lovely variety of fish dishes such as sardines £8

with sea lettuce butter, rock oysters at £2.5 each or £22 for 12, razor clams for £16, with seaweed and sugar snap peas and monkfish, celeriac purée with squid ink sauce for £22, alongside many more.

I didn’t get to enjoy the wines here, which are designed to match any of the dishes on the menu because I’m currently pregnant, however, I did have a superbly delicious non-alcoholic elderflower cooler, which was delightfully refreshing.

The dessert was an absolute treat. It was the special of the day and consisted of a perfectly baked pavlova full of delicious berries.


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