Styling menswear for autumn

We’re now finally in autumn and putting away our summer clothes to make space for our autumn wear. There are still many items of clothing that you can wear into the colder months such as chinos. Chinos make a wonderfully stylish summer look but they also look great worn in autumn. The way you can ‘pull off’ an autumn chino look is by sticking to darker colours, such as black and denim and leaving the whites and tanned colours solely for summer. Another great reason to add a pair into your winter wardrobe is because they are super versatile as they can be worn with trainers, shoes or boots. My favourite look is a casual one, when chinos are paired with trainers as can be seen with these from Jacamo. Black, casual but smart, these make a great transition from summer to autumn. More colours and clothing which you can mix and match to these chinos can be found at Jacamo!



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