How to choose the best Colours for your Home

Colour is arguably one of the defining features of your home. From creating tone and atmosphere to personal expression of your personality, colour is incredibly powerful. If you’re working with a blank slate in your home and you’re a little unsure about what to go for, knowing at least the hues you could work within is hugely beneficial.

Breaking it down, there are two hues you can work with, warm or cool. On a colour wheel, warm hues range from mauves to yellows and cool hues include greens and blues. In terms of interior design, warm hues create a lively and vibrant atmosphere and cool hues emote feelings of calm and sophistication. So, which one is right for your home?

Warm Hues

With their naturally welcoming and atmospheric looks, warm colours tend to be homeowners favourites. Whether they be bold or subtle, warm tones are perfect for bringing life and zest to a house or room. Warm hues don’t have to just be oranges and yellows, theres a whole spectrum to play with. For a sophisticated look try a mulberry or mustard shade, which oozes class. If you’re going to focus heavily on colour, we’d recommend these more pigmented colours to larger rooms that are more forgiving with space. A small room that is over saturated with colour can make your home look and feel smaller.

We’re not just talking about wall colours here, this is all about the accessories too. You can have a totally blank canvas with white walls and simply splash the colours with your furniture and accessories. The best part about working with colour this way is that you can simply buy new accessories when you fancy a change and you won’t need to repaint the room. Rugs are also a great way of complementing an interior. Their warm and cosy texture means rugs and warm hues go hand in hand together. In particular, red rugs are great for adding life to your floor. Their daring colour can create strong designs that work perfectly in any home.

Cool Hues

Don’t be mistaken, cool hues aren’t all clinical and lifeless as you might assume. Cool hues can range from gun metal greys to forrest greens. If you refer back to the colour wheel, cool hues include a beautiful range of colours for your home that makes them incredibly versatile. Unlike warm hues, cool hues can be used in any size room since they create a fresh and cool atmosphere. Included in this is pastel colours, so even a petal pink would class as a cool hue. It’s all about undertones when it comes to cool hues. Grey could be considered a warm hue when a purple undertone is used. Cool colours are perfect for opening up a room and really making the most of the space available. We mentioned it before, but rugs really are a staple finishing point to a room. They look beautiful and bring you great practical benefits too such as floor traction, sound dampening and insulation. With cool hues, try to look for a grey rug that can be easily adapted to any theme or design.

Ultimately the choice is down to you and your preferences. A bit determining factor in your choice should be light. Homes with plenty of access to natural light are great for bolder warm hues. If you home doesn’t have much natural light, then cool hues might be your best bet.

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