Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift at St Pancras International

For someone who loves shopping, I was ecstatic when St Pancras asked me if I’d like to do a shopping experience at St Pancras International in London using one of their gift cards to find my mum a Mother’s Day gift. I have walked through St Pancras many times before, however, I hadn’t ever stopped to shop or grab a bite to eat. Aside from the bustling commuters, the boutique styled shops are relatively calm and elegantly styled. There is a wonderful selection of shops, from MAC makeup, Moyses Stevens flowers, Godiva chocolate and Jo Malone to name a few. It’s such a convenient shopping destination as it’s walking distance from Kings Cross Underground Station and located in central London. What I was most excited about when visiting this wonderful station was coming across an array of premium retailers including Fortnum & Mason, Searcys, Whistles, kikki.K, plus recently launched Ted Baker, Chanel, and Calvin Klein. What most people don’t know is that St Pancras International is so much more than just a train station, offering a wealth of stylish and premium shops, bars, and restaurants all under one iconic roof. Most of the clientele are from Paris and America and this reflects in the shops being of top branded retailers.

St Pancras has been established for many years and this year they celebrate their 150th anniversary with a series of events, exhibitions, and installations. It is a very vibrant and energetic place to wonder around in. Every station piano that I passed had a talented-being magically playing a recognised song which added ambience into the atmosphere. There are so many exciting things to see and do and I understand why this is a popular destination for tourists. There is a free-to-play jukebox alongside the station pianos which have been played by world famous artists including Elton John and John Legend.

Shopping for a Mother’s Day gift was super fun and exciting as I was challenged with having to buy something I know my mum would like whilst wanting to buy things that I personally like. I do buy gifts for friends and family that I would like to receive myself, however, this doesn’t always go down well when I buy my dad bronzer and lipstick, (I’m totally joking). My mum had mentioned that she wants to wear more accessories and as she already has a nice amount of jewellery I thought a scarf would be perfect.

Floral prints are a favourite of hers so when I saw that Cath Kidson had a store there I was pretty hyped. I found the scarf I was looking for, feminine with an urban twist. It has pretty pink coloured flowers on it which I know she’ll love. She’s also a big fan of dark chocolate and you can’t really get much better that Godiva. I bought a couple of dark chocolate treaties and headed towards kikki.K to buy a book by Ariana Huffington which looks really good. I’ll be returning for sure to buy myself a copy!

Overall, the experience was amazing and I finished it off with a delicious burger and fries from Prime burger. The staff in all the stores were extremely friendly, especially the lady at Godiva. The gorgeous smelling floral bottled hand sanitiser and scarf that I bought from Cath Kidson was gift wrapped and all ready for Mother’s Day which made my busy life easier, as I didn’t have to worry about gift wrapping at home. I will definitely be revisiting and recommend you all do too!

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