Nordic style with Hendrikka Waage

Hendrikka Waage has created many stunning jewellery collections in sterling silver, which include necklaces and bracelets. Hendrikka is Iceland’s first International jewellery designer and many of the pieces she’s created is inspired by Norse mythology and represent the Nordic magical symbols. The Helm of Awe is considered to be a powerful protection symbol and was used by early Vikings to instil awe and fear into their enemies.  It is now considered a symbol of protection for the wearer. What’s beautiful about these necklaces is that you can wear them alone or stacked.

One of my favourite bracelets from the collection is the Baron bracelet with black Onyx. The reason being, I really like the symbolism behind the Onyx. It can be worn as a statement piece with smart casual outfits and it gives a sense of sophistication. It is said that Onyx frees your soul from self-doubt and anxiety by guiding you to a ricer, more meaningful existence.






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