ogx haircare for coloured hair

I first found out about the Ogx hair line through a blog I used to read, many years ago. My favourite product was the nourishing Coconut shampoo and conditioner. I still use this brand as it does what it says on the bottle and the packaging is also gorgeous. I was invited to an event held by Ogx in Tape London where I was able to see the new range, eat donuts, drink cocktails, make candy floss and spin the deck with Glitter Beats!  Ogx are now branched all over the world, it’s a favourite of so many girls including all the females in my family. I’ve been using Ogx for 10 years now so you can see my excitement about this new collection! There’s a range for brunettes, blondes and colour-treated hair.

The brunette range is a moisture-rich blend with bamboo and almond oil.  It helps illuminate rich caramel and mahogany tones while revealing a multi-faceted, brilliant glow. It contains UVA/UVB filters, which is great for the summer, as it protects your hair from sun rays. The blonde range looks amazing also. I was a blonde last summer and wished I had used this, but i’ll definitely be using the brunette range!

The blonde shampoo / conditioner is also moisture-rich with sunflower extract and honey to bring out highlights, and keep your blonde shimmery. It also contains UVA/UVB filters, which is great.

There is also an Orchid oil range which protects against colour fading and locks in colour. This contains orchid extract and grape seed oil. Whats even more brilliant is they are all sulphate-free, so thumbs up from me!



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