“Mummy, I want ice cream!”

Being a mother to three children from ages that range from 8 to 10 months old has taught me a lot. It has taught me the art of patience, care, consideration and love. Unconditional love for those who depend on you and who you need to guide throughout life. My life has had many ups and downs and I’m now a single mum to three beautiful children, so the universe is really testing me massively right now! But I believe I can give and do my best as a mum and I’m excited about our futures. Doors will always open and you will have bad days filled with work, tiredness and loneliness but believe in the great times too. These are the moments which will turn into memories, so hold onto them with all your heart and look forward to them coming into your life. Life continues no matter what and we should always strive to live the best lifestyle for our needs so that we can become the best versions of ourselves. In other words, “Let’s go and get ice cream!”

Natalia Jane xo



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