How to Style This Year’s Jeans

For the colder months, jeans are essential. They are the perfect way to stay warm and ensure that you look good. Jeans are comfortable and versatile. As a result, most of us buy at least one new pair each year. The big retailers like Fashion World offer their customers a huge range to choose from. Right now, they have more than 350 different pairs available in several colours and a wide range of sizes. To help you to narrow down which ones will look good on you I have put together a few styling tips.

The main 2018 A/W jean trends

OK, first let’s take a look at the types of jeans you can expect to find when you go shopping this autumn. Then, when we have done that, we can take a quick look at how to accessorise and wear them.

  • Cuts are getting wider and longer

If you like skinny jeans, there are still plenty available. However, there are signs that look is going to slowly fade away, over the coming year.

Most retailers are now stocking far more straight and wide leg jeans. A few are even offering their customers the chance to buy flares. You will also notice that there is a better choice of bootcut jeans in the shops.

From the looks of things the lengths are getting longer too. Quite a few of the bootcut and flared jeans I have seen finish mid heel, rather than mid ankle. So, they will completely cover your footwear.

How to buy the perfect pair of jeans

So, now that you have an overview of the cuts that are available all you need to do is to find the perfect pair for you. To help you to do that I suggest you read the article I wrote some time ago on that very subject.

2018 Jean Accessories

OK, now let’s have a quick look at the accessories and different ways you can wear the latest jeans.

  • Belt trends

Big, wide and bold statement belts are a big fashion trend, for 2018. They are a great way to accentuate your waist. So, if you were to wear a long blouse with your jeans adding this type of belt would be a good move. But, you would not be able to thread a belt this wide through the loops on your jeans.

If you need a belt to hold your jeans in place, opt for a leather look one with a traditional buckle. These look good with the wider style of jeans that are set to be so popular during 2018.

  • Boot trends

When it comes to footwear, ankle boots are probably the best option. They fit in really well with all of the styles of jeans I have mentioned above. But, before you go out shopping for a pair you might like to take a look at this short YouTube video. It is a great way of reminding yourself of how to buy a pair of boots that fit in with your choice of jeans.

Hopefully, the above inspires you to go out and treat yourself to a new pair of jeans! We’ve also just had Jeans for Genes day. This annual charity event took place on the 21st September 2018. It is a fun way to help children who are suffering from genetic diseases to get the help and treatment they need.


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