Am I a sensitive being?


Of course I’m a sensitive being, my parents bought me up to have a heart. I’m also an empath, so at times I’ve let those that are unhealthy for my life stay for longer than they should. I feel sorry for them, or I believe they’re not enlightened yet and I stupidly kid myself into thinking I can teach them how to love unconditionally. That’s when you start burning your soul. This cycle usually repeats itself over and over until you learn your lessons and start setting boundaries in your life. Until you start loving yourself. Self love, I’m sure you’ve all heard it being posted around social media. Self love is the art of loving yourself, being kind to yourself, being accepting of yourself. Most people only reach this transition through pain and being hurt by life experiences. 

Sometimes pain is so much that you hear your inner child’s plea for help and for self love. To be held, not by a man or anyone else, but by you, with your own arms. Hug yourself often because you soul needs that shit. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about ways in which you can start healing and self loving.

Peace out guys, Love always, Natalia x


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