My Favourite protein snacks from MyProtein

During this past year with lockdowns and shops being closed many people have had to re-adjust their diets and lifestyles. I have definitely eaten more breakfast bars than I ever did and have discovered many healthy snack and biscuit alternatives. My favourite snack brand during this past year has been My Protein. 

Fitness brand, Myprotein usually have great deals and offers on their website and they are currently having one of their biggest sales Impact Week which runs throughout the rest of May. There is currently a 45% discount with code IMPACT. It’s almost like a second Black Friday, but for fitness! There are also some limited edition products launching, as shown below, as well as lots of chances for customers to win prizes on social etc.
The new products include:

  • Blue raspberry flavour in Clear Whey, Clear Vegan Protein and Clear Collagen (all of these products will also have a blue ‘shimmery’ effect which is pretty cool!)
  • 3 new flavours of the Layered Protein bars – Dark chocolate hazelnut, chocolate caramel and white chocolate salted peanut
  • New flavours of the Myvegan protein waters (also carbonated this time too)
  • 4 new Myvitamins ready-to-drink shots – Defence, Glow, Focus & Recharge.

I have been drinking the Glow Sparkling Vitamin Water and it’s not only delicious but full of vitamins and minerals including hyaluronic acid, which is super beneficial for your skin.

At home I eat relatively healthy and do yoga and barre when I need a stretch. I find it beneficial drinking a protein shake after, I’m currently drinking the Clear Vegan Protein in blue raspberry flavour. It’s a limited edition, world’s first clear protein blend and a light, tasty and fruity alternative to traditional protein shakes.

This is where the fun comes in… Guilt free treats that taste absolutely amazing. This is the new Crispy Layered white chocolate peanut bar with 16g of protein in every bar. 

The perfect plant-based treat to support your workout goals are the MYVEGAN Baked Cookies, these cookies are baked with quality ingredients — including coconut oil, pea protein, and a sprinkling of dark chocolate chunks. I snack on these daily and they’re ideal to chuck in your bag for on the go. 

So here are a few of my favourites and what’s been part of my diet this month.

Let me know what you think and what your favourites are?


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