Trip to London

One thing that I love about having the underground at my doorstep is that I can jump on a train and get into London within half an hour. I'm in my 8th month of pregnancy and I do feel restless at times especially as sleepless nights are the norm now and having a 6 year old to run around after can make you feel exhausted by late afternoon.

Although I was feeling quite sluggish after doing the school run I decided to spend my day in London with a nice trip to South Kensington.

I have many favourite places in London but South Kensington has to be in my top 5. Aside from having almost every museum in London within a 5 minute radius of one another there are side streets bustling with gorgeous boutiques, ranging from florists and hair salons to cute cafes and quirky eateries.

I feel so energised and stimulated when I'm in an area where culture, art and history combine. The architecture alone is stunningly perfect.

Below are some images I took during my walk.

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Mappy About Paris!

I received this beautiful gift from It's one of the most beautiful handmade prints I've ever seen. The detail is incredible and Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world. This piece would look stunning in a workspace / study and that's exactly where I'll be mounting mine. 

Jenni Sparks is a British based illustrator, designer, map maker, hand-and letterer currently living in London. Jenni’s map of Paris along with other beautiful cities are available for purchase at

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Wilsonart at BlogtourNYC and ICFF

During my trip to New York City with Modenus I was wonderfully introduced to great sponsors of BlogtourNYC, one in particular being Wilsonart. Wilsonart are a sustainable family funded company which produces beautifully designed countertops and walls. They are renowned for revolutionising laminated surfaces. There surfaces are stunningly functional and transformative. What is especially attractive is the masculine take on some of the surfaces. There is such a wide variety of interestingly designed countertops for both the kitchen and bathroom. Not only do I love good design but I get overly excited when I'm introduced to new products. 

During Blogtour we visited ICFF where Wilsonart had joined forces with the Industrial Design students of Appalachian State University to create a chair that celebrated the beauty, culture and history of the Appalachian region of North Carolina. The competition entailed students using laminate surfacing materials and it proved to be a good experience and engagement with creativity for these students. The overall winner, Samantha Lily, was awarded with a scholarship for their design. Below is the winning design, 'Blossom'

Here are some more wonderful designs and inspiration from Wilsonart. 

Images via appstate and Wilsonart

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TALA Bath & Body

“A palm, a cool fountain spring, a beam of bright morning starlight... simply heavenly.”

I received this beautiful gift set from the wonderful Mr. Steam whilst on #BlogTourNYC. I have to say I was overly excited when I opened the box and saw goodies enriched with Argan Oil. I've been using Argan Oil now for many years and it's been a miracle to use on my skin and hair. Being in my third month of pregnancy at the time I was in major need of some TLC and these products couldn't have arrived at a better time. The Argan Oil is 100% natural and I apply it everywhere. I also use it as a hair mask 30 minutes before I wash my hair. The box contains a Hamman Glove which softens and exfoliates the skin and is perfect to use with the Beldi Black Soap. What's even more exciting is the Rhassoul Lava Clay which comes in a powder form to mix with water. This mask is so versatile and can be used as a face mask, a mask for your skin, as an exfoliant or to cleanse your hair. How fabulous is that?!

The face cream is beautiful also and is best applied after a steamy shower or just before bed. You have a spa session in one box and it's such a luxurious treat! Tala Bath & Body is available at Mr. Steam

Images courtesy of Mr. Steam

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London Fashion Week 2015 {Topshop}

Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Sir Philip Green, Jourdann Dunn

Tate Britain hosted Topshop's Autumn Winter 2015 collection for London Fashion Week which featured an impressive array of pieces perfectly suited to any winter wardrobe. The collection which you are able to view here, features beautiful organic coloured cream and beige apparel, including delicate knits and outerwear. This pairs perfectly with Topshops new leather collection. Included in the A/W 2015 collection is also luscious lace pieces which have always been a favourite of mine.

An introduction to the collection by the creative director of Topshop, Kate Phelan and Topshop owner, Sir Philip Green, can be seen below.

Topshop's collection are always a favourite amongst celebrities and street stylers. There was a great turnout and impressive front row including:

Alexa Chung and Jourdann Dunn

Emily Ratajkowski, Ellie Goulding, Jessie Ware

Paloma Faith and Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott, Jess Glynne, Phoebe Collings-James and Kate Foley

Images courtesy of Topshop

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