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8 August 2017

Prada Marfa Bedroom

Prada Marfa wall art looks glamorous, stylish and on trend in most rooms. I especially like this take on it, featured on a bedroom wall above the bed. It compliments the colour scheme of the room and of the accessories. The sheets are from beach house, the round pillow case is from Designby and the gorgeous basket is from Åhlens.

{Images via: damernasvarld}

7 August 2017

Hi my lovelies! I've been nominated for an Amara IBAs blog award! I'm super excited and would love if you can vote for me! :) Click here to vote!


3 July 2017

How to Style this year´s Swimwear

Swimwear is a summer staple, especially if you are planning on getting away for a week and taking a break in the sun. Everyone wants to look their best in their holiday photos. Therefore, you need to put together a stylish beach or poolside outfit. To help you to find the perfect swimwear for your summer holidays, I have put together a few styling tips which are easy to implement.

2017 swimwear styles
Let’s start with the swimwear itself then move onto the accessories. It is always worth checking out the latest styles. If something catches your eye, and it fits you well when you try it on, go for it. Being able to rock the latest look always feels good.
However, if on the other hand, you try them on and do not feel 100% comfortable, it is better to buy something else. It is important that you feel confident when you are on the beach.
Fortunately, this year there is a lot of choice, so it is not hard to stay on trend. The majority of swimwear designers have opted to take their inspiration from the 80s. That means string bikinis and high-leg one pieces.

A stylish hat
Large floppy hats are a great way to make a statement, as well as protect yourself from the sun. They look great with most styles of swimwear, especially when you pair them with the right sunglasses. This year’s aviator style glasses look especially good when worn with a big floppy style hat.

Beach and poolside jewellery 
If you want an even more glamorous look, wearing a statement necklace and some nice bracelets will do the trick. This year there is plenty of choice, so it is not hard to find something that blends in nicely. A good approach is to opt for something that is similar in colour to your one-piece or bikini.

Swimwear cover ups
It is always nice to be able to slip something on over your swimming costume when you go for lunch, or fancy taking a break from the pool to spend an hour shopping. There are still plenty of sarongs in the shops, but this year it is cover up dresses that are proving to be the most popular. Crochet style cover ups are especially feminine and glamorous.
These lightweight dresses are loosely cut, so they are extremely comfortable to wear. Because the majority of them are mid thigh length they are perfect for wearing with jeans, or a skirt, in the evening. You will also get a lot of use out of them when you get home, so it is worth spending a little extra and buying one made from a luxury fabric, like lace.

The right footwear 
Last, but by no means least, is the right footwear. Flip flops are convenient and affordable, but sandals can look even better. They are a great way to finish off your beach look. When it comes to footwear, satin is the big trend for 2017.
Unfortunately, that does not really work for the beach! Although, you could get away with wearing a pair if you are planning to stay poolside and were very careful to keep them dry. For the beach, a pair of nice strappy leather sandals is a good option. Provided you choose wisely, you will be able to wear them in the evenings as well, with a nice dress.


27 June 2017

Get the perfect wash with AEG

During Grand Designs Live I was introduced to AEG's new laundry range. Being a fashion blogger and a mum I know how important and time consuming it is getting the clothes washed, ironed and looking great. The new laundry collection features the 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 Series washing machines and tumble dryers, which has been specifically created to act as a protector of fabrics, defender of colours and guardian of fibres. Upon seeing the collection at Grand Designs Live, I was immediately taken in by how exceptional the design was. Each model within the range offers an impressive list of features and sustainable solutions such as the 9000 Series featuring SoftWater Technology that purifies and softens water before it enters the drum. Not only does this leave your clothes super soft and reduces fabric abrasion but it also keeps your machine in a healthy condition. The best thing about these machines is the fact that you can get 60°c cleaning performance at only 30°c. The 9000 and 8000 series also featureÖKOMix technology, which mixes the detergent and fabric softener with water before it's released into the drum. This ensures complete coverage over each item of clothing and top conditioning. 

How to know which Dry Clean Only clothes you can wash at home and more tips.

Not only is the design exceptional and really glamourous, but AEG aims to extend the life of clothing and the ability to be able to wash and preserve even the most delicate fabrics such as cashmere wool and silk fabrics during the washing and drying process.

Chris George, Head of UK and Ireland Marketing at Electrolux, comments

“Trust is a major issue when it comes to fabric care. In fact, most people rarely use more than three programmes and 40% still hand wash their clothes in fear their appliances will fade, shrink or ruin their favourite clothes. AEG has simplified the laundry process with easy to use functions designed to help people feel confident, even when washing their most precious outfits, and this is something we’re really proud of.”

AEG’s new Laundry Series promises innovative, contemporary and stylish design, technical advancement and superior quality at every level. Also, each machine is Woolmark accredited for extra reassurance you can wash and dry your wool garments safely.

I'm so excited by AEG's new laundry range as it's every fashionista and mums dream. Exceptional cleaning, carer of fabrics wish a gorgeous design! Whichever washing machine you choose, you can be sure that your clothes will be cared for better with the new Laundry Series from AEG.


24 May 2017

Restaurant review: TRATRA, The Boundary Hotel

Tratra, 2-4 Boundary Street, E2 7DD (020 7729 1051). Starters are £6 - £16 and main courses for 1 or 2 people to share range from £15 - £22. Opened May 2017.

Tratra is a meat and charcuterie focused restaurant in Shoreditch’s Boundary Hotel.

French butchery master and chef Stéphane Reynaud has taken over the basement of The Boundary Hotel transforming it into a delightful restaurant, wine bar and dining room area. The interior evokes stylish glamour with red velvet chairs alongside warm and inviting lighting. The fact that the kitchen can be seen through a large glass window is something I love seeing in restaurants. 

There is one dish on the menu at Tratra, a new French cuisine restaurant in East London’s Shoreditch which reflects Reynaud’s childhood. It’s the Cochon de Lait costing £19, which consists of suckling pig crepinette, dates, tarragon and creamy mash. It is full bodied and robust in flavour melting in your mouth alongside the delicious mash. 

 Suckling pig crepinette, dates, tarragon, creamy mash
Photograph: Natalia Jane for Fleur de Londres

Although this is Stéphane's Raynauds third restaurant, this is his first restaurant outside of Paris. His casual cuisine is largely inspired by recipes from the Ardeche region in France, where he spent his childhood. Having grown up in a family of pig farmers and butchers, Stéphane naturally places a huge emphasis on meat and charcuterie. 

Spring vegetables with tomato, sweet chilli, apple and pistachio sauce.
Photograph: Natalia Jane for Fleur de Londres

Organic hen eggs, herb mayonnaise, toasted sesame, crispy shallots.
Photograph: Natalia Jane for Fleur de Londres

Hanger steak, herb and snail butter, panisse, shallots
Photograph: Natalia Jane for Fleur de Londres

Alongside the meat dishes there is a lovely variety of fish dishes such as sardines £8
with sea lettuce butter, rock oysters at £2.5 each or £22 for 12, razor clams for £16, with seaweed and sugar snap peas and monkfish, celeriac purée with squid ink sauce for £22, alongside many more.

I didn't get to enjoy the wines here, which are designed to match any of the dishes on the menu because I'm currently pregnant, however, I did have a superbly delicious non-alcoholic elderflower cooler, which was delightfully refreshing.

The dessert was an absolute treat. It was the special of the day and consisted of a perfectly baked pavlova full of delicious berries.


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